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What soul winning Bible do you use and why?

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3 hours ago, John Young said:

We'll, obviously! "Smile face"

Perhaps you could explain your question a bit.  I think we are all thinking, "KJV."  Are you asking about thinner, portable or inexpensive printings that can be given away?  If so, many dollar stores sell complete KJVs as well as pocket New Testaments.  They are very economical and easy to carry and give away.  Also, Local Church Bible Publishers has the Gospel of John (KJV) in a newspaper format that is wonderful for handing out.  They include them in your package when you purchase a Bible from them, but they don't list them for sale on their site.  You have to call them and request to purchase them.  I think they're 10 cents or so a piece.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

I think I understand John Young's question. John Young is strong KJV. So, I think that it was not his thoughts on which version you use soul-winning. If I am in error please let me know. Maybe he thought do you use a Catholic version when you witness to Catholics?

I have seen some New Testament soul-winnig bibles with the doctrinal verses, and the salvation verses, underlined in red with a cross-reference beside the verse in the margin. I have one of these in the States, but not one with me here. So, I do not know the name of it.

Maybe John Young is referring to one of these underlined, or cross referenced, styles.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

What I mean is when you all go to present the gospel, Do you use your regular Bible or do you have anything in particular that you use to help in your soul winning efforts?


Just curious as to what everyone uses.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

I use my regular 1769 KJV. I have both Romans Road and John's Road (road mapped) in my Bible and I have copies of both printed to give people.

I rely to a great extent on personal testimony and memorized scripture both quotation and paraphrase.


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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

Often times my phone now.

I had a small complete Bible, pocket sized, but it got washed one day and I haven't found a replacement as good (text size, etc).

At church I use my "preaching Bible".

I have a cheap "give away bible" in the car at all times.

I use whatever is appropriate and at hand at the time.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

We deal with a lot of Buddhists and some of the passages that we need to talk about is located in the Old Testament. So, on our regular visitation efforts I normally take my personal Bible with both Testaments instead of just the New Testament.

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Depends on where I am. I keep a KJV Bible at work in case I get an opportunity to share my faith or have a study here; it is a simple, unadorned Bible with no references or such. I have my KJV New Open Bible I normally use for my preaching and reaching Bible-it has a lot of extras-more of a study Bible, with notes and definitions, object lessons, a section on biblical archaeology, how to convert weights, measures, money, etc. They stopped printing them some time back which is a shame-I really like it.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

Typically my soul winning bible is the one that I read daily and use for everything else. I always use one bible at a time, I don't have say a "preaching bible" a "reading bible" and a "soul winning" bible, I prefer to use one at a time so that I am familiar the layout and physical location of passages.

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