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New President

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Today USA has a new president,  We will pray for him and America.

I can't understand why there are protests against the inauguration.  Don't these people believe in elections?  I know those holding anarchist flags breaking windows, don't, but the others should know better

I feel for those two lads holding their salutes while Obama was waiting for Trump until they went into the building.  They must have ended up with very stiff arms.



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One thing I've learned...

Liberals (American Liberals) refuse to accept the consequences delivered to them and will cry, scream, and throw a public hissy-fit if they don't get what they want.

Non-Liberals (in America) mostly accept the consequences and realize that people make choices...and they deal with those choices privately and personally in the best way that they can...whether they like the consequences or not.

It's the spoiled brat syndrome. If I don't get what I want, I'll throw a fit until I do...even if I look like a complete imbecile while doing so.

My...how America has descended...history has proven nothing to them.

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