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I've recently started listening to J Vernon McGees through the Bible radio broadcast. It's a 5 year program where he teaches through the entire Bible. So far it's been very challenging and exciting. though he's not perfect (He teaches the Gap theory)..he is sounds for the most part.

I want to encourage you to join me on the Bible bus. If you have a smart phone you can download the Thru the Bible app and listen freely, you can also purchase the series in a variety of formats from their website.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

I was given his commentary book series "Through the Bible", but as I have already said in other places, I am not big on commentaries.

I actually think of it more like a devotional because it is a bit more "preachy" than informational, and fairly lightweight in general (not to say there is no meat there...)

I think your assessment is pretty good - a good series, but keep your eyes open for the wiggly bits (of which there are a few).

And as with anything like this, be Berean about it -

Act 17:11  These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

And remember that they were checking what Paul the Apostle said, so no preacher or common-tater should be immune from such examination.


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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

I like the through the Bible concept very much because it gives a good overview of the scriptures in context that is sorely lacking in a lot of church discipleship classes. Many are so consumed with processed meat by product that they can barely recognize the real thing nowadays. Not only is there an app there is also a key chain flash drive with all five years of the audio, with notes and outlines included for only $35! Perfect for a bible junkie like myself who likes to listen to bible preaching and teaching!


Edited by John Young
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Praise and recommendation for  J Vernon McGee has no place among Independent Baptists. Most folks here know of my stand regarding God's people going outside of the local church for their spiritual food. I can think of no better example to illustrate why I feel this way because this doesn't just go outside of local church and Baptist teaching, it completely denies the values and Scriptural truths of Baptists down through the ages.  J Vernon McGee was a Presbyterian first, rejected that and became non-denominational. This is a total rejection of the truth concerning the doctrine of the Church that Jesus built.

Any endorsement of this man or any like him is to cast aside the truth of the one true church as an institution. The truth concerning the church that Jesus built and scripture affirming that this church is, "the pillar and ground of the truth", that our forefathers shed their blood for is denied by giving validity to any non-denominational teaching.

This may sound harsh to some, but the truth will sound harsh to those who do not understand the history of our martyrs and what they stood for and gave their lives for.

J Vernon McGee may very well have been a true believer, but he entirely missed the truth of the real church. If he was wrong on this crucial point, how valid can any of his other teaching be?

 Ac 20:28 Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood. 

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

I also have a copy of the entire five year series on mp3.  I have recently discovered Mr. McGee and I have found value in some of his sermons.  However, I have come across a few things that concern me.  As Brother Kurecki mentioned above, Mr. McGee seems to be a proponent of the gap theory.  Additionally, as I was beginning to listen to the 5 year series, I have heard him attempt to correct the KJV, stating that it should have been interpreted differently as he is teaching.

To be honest, as soon as he attempted to give a "more accurate translation" of a passage, I stopped listening and have not resumed.  When anyone says, "Actually, this word should have been translated thus and so," that is an enormous red flag for me.  There is a difference between using Greek/Hebrew to assist in understanding a perfectly translated word or passage, and using Greek/Hebrew to give a "better" translation.  I condemn the latter and avoid the former.  

I know a few Hebrew prayers (in modern Hebrew).  I know absolutely no Biblical Hebrew or Greek whatsoever and have no intention of learning any.  I have heard it said that, "A little Greek is a dangerous thing."  If I attempted to learn Greek/Hebrew, I know that I would learn it just well enough to confuse myself and get my head into places where it ought not go.  I could never understand it anywhere near to the extent that the original translators did, not do I believe that anyone presently alive, or will be in the future, could either. 

I believe that God has preserved his words perfectly and completely within the pages of the King James Bible.  If this is true, then I do not believe that we need to meddle in areas where we do not understand (Greek/Hebrew).  I believe that all I need to understand God's words is a King James Bible, the Guidance of the Holy Spirit and my Webster's 1828 Dictionary of the English language.  

Him being a proponent of the Gap Theory and attempting to correct the KJV are enough reasons for me to avoid reading or listening to any more from Mr. McGee.

*Update: After posting this, I deleted all of my J. Vernon McGee files.  Much better.

Edited by Brother Stafford
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