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Body of Bigfoot found.

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Body of Bigfoot found in Georgia, claims group
The legendary Bigfoot has been found, according to a group of Bigfoot "researchers." Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, claim they discovered the body of the famed Yeti in a remote forest in northern Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. approximately two weeks ago. They have since placed the body into a freezer.

The frozen remains of Sasquatch
Even more fantastically, the pair claims that there are more of these Bigfoot creatures around. On the day where they found the remains, they spotted several other critters milling around.
Whitton and Dyer have some credibility, considering their backgrounds. Whitton is a law enforcement agent from Georgia who's currently on a leave of absence due to being shot on the job. Dyer used to be a prison warden. However, the credibility somewhat wanes when you consider they run a Bigfoot Tracking Service, which would surely benefit from such a 'discovery.'
Tom Biscardi, a man who also makes his living from hunting Bigfoot since 1971, believes the pair have an authentic find on their hands.
"It's a huge situation for me after 35 years, because I've wanted to bring one back," said Biscardi to a Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. newspaper.
"They showed me the body. They took me to the area where they found it; it took a day and a half to get there."
"I got to be honest, when I first saw it I hated to see it in that state it was in. I wanted to capture one so the world could see it walking. I guess this is the next best thing for the time being."
Of course the claims are being met with plenty of healthy skepticism. Much more will be learned tomorrow when they hold their press conference in Palo Alto, California.



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Sasquatch lives in my backyard. :lol

Yeah right, everyone knows that big foot hates being in open areas, much less open areas covered in grass. There are a few in the woods behind our house, though. I built a big foot feeder out there so I can watch them every now and again.

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I think this helps illustrate how people WANT to believe in things... but only things of their making.

I wanted to believe in it. I can see how people will be deceived by the Man of Sin when God sends the great delusion.

I am thankful that the elect won't believe it because it's getting harder and harder to define reality. As they move forward with computer technology and the marrying of technology and biology, I can easily see people being deceived.

I still think the great deception will have something to do with space aliens.

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