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Salvation for a young homeless man

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I met a young man about 4 months or so ago in my hometown in California that was hitch hiking to the east coast. I had the opportunity to speak with him about the freedom that Christ offers for sinners, and we exchanged numbers. He got all the way to Pennsylvania in one ride from California! Since then he has texted me and had some questions about God. Just last night he started texting me saying he has a lot of fears and has trust problems. I'm not really sure what he means by this, but I shared the gospel with him and how one receives salvation, and suggested he visit a good church where he can maybe get some help. He ended up telling me he believes that God loves him but he thinks it's a "cold and rough" love. I'm trying to help him but there is only so much I can do over a phone. Please pray that he would just scratch the surface of God's real love for sinners, and that he might find a good church that might be able to help him find this out for himself. His name is Raul.

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I'm not sure why except by the blessed Spirit, but after I read about this fellow...my eyes filled with tears.  I just absolutely love how the Lord works in and through His own to share His love and about salvation.  There are some of the most "unlikely" situations that tend to have such tremendous power!  What an encouragement it is in this sin-prevailing world to see and hear the desire and love to share the Gospel.  Thank you for sharing this situation, Wmccarthy99....and indeed, I shall lift this fellow up to the Lord in prayer!

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We have a ministry with the homeless where we take them to shelters and pray over them daily. It's a blessing to see the Lord work in them and see the transformation from a homeless person to those who are no longer living on the streets and have a well paying job. Our prayers have never failed as of yet.

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