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On 1/6/2017 at 7:08 AM, Salyan said:

Um, better check your context there. In context, the 'dog' it is referring to is a male prostitute (in that culture, likely a sodomite). That verse is saying not to bring the proceeds of prostitution to God.

Um, I did check the context. Thoroughly. I also looked up every single place the word "dog" appears in scripture. I researched both God's and Israel's attitude toward the dog, I searched out what the word "dog" is referring to in every single scripture when it is not actually referring to a canine. (Hint ; it's always the same thing, and is even clearly defined in Isaiah 56). I also searched out the the commands of God to Israel regarding female harlots as opposed to sodomites, and came to the conclusion that simply accepting the word "dog" in that passage is a male prostitute is just lazy exegesis.

You may not agree with a particular conclusion or belief that I hold concerning some passage of scripture, but it would be a mistake to condescend to me and snark that perhaps I have not even read the passage or checked the context.


I've been out in a remote village here in Alaska with no internet for 10 days, doing construction for a friend on a house. Thus, my delay in answering.

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