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Walk in Mable Grove Graveyard!

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Nicholasville, KY is a very small city, with cheerful people, and sweet place to live. I walk up and down main street all the time to go to work, with a gas station I always look at to see what the price is ($3.51 here!). There is also another thing I spot out all the time walking, a graveyard, Mable Grove Graveyard. Never been in one, so I never knew what the experience was like. But one day, that changed. God was on my heart to go to it, to take a walk through the park, but not during the day time......... during night! So I did as was told, and trust me... first time through, yea I was scared, but God told me He was protecting me. I didnt run in no one, no homeless people, no dead bodies laying around lol. So I went to the graveyard like God told me, looking around if any one saw me. As I went past the wall, I just stood there, looking, and God told me, "Go in, walk around, take a look". So I did, as I went it, I started counting the graves, reading the names, and dates. Lost count, but its like every name was stuck in my head, the dates also! I went all over that graveyard, looking, wondering, the God ask me "What are you thinking", I replied, "Lord, all this graves, they are just bodies, with no souls in them no more". God said "Correct, where do you think most of the souls are?" I replied "I am scared to know, Lord." As I continue my walk in the graveyard around midnight, I started to think even more. I even notice some graves were fresh, like a person was just buried not too long ago. I also look close at the dates, and notice how young, not even past age 10! God ask again "What are you thinking", and I replied "Lord, all this graves, how many of them are in Heaven?" God replied "How many did you witness?" I looked back down, guilty, I knew what He said. I have only witness at less 8, no more then 15. Then God said "We are in a graveyard, what is from a few blocks here?" I answer "A park........ a park.... I see where you are coming with this Lord." God said "Explain this to me please", and I replied "Lord, why explain when you already know, but never the less I will try. I see people going down main street, all happy, cheerful, living life to the fullist. And here is a graveyard, with people pasted on, maybe more then half of them are in Hell right now, because no one witness to them. There is a park just a few blocks from here fulled with people, and I bet most of them dont know your story, Lord. I will try my best to tell people Lord, please forgive me, even though the ones might not forgive me that have pass on, please Lord, forgive me yourself." After that, I went home and thinking about everything that happen. And now I have a passion to tell the world what I saw, what I heard, and what my job is!

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