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As many of you know, I am going to Uganda in June for about 3 weeks. The Lord has been burdening my heart intensely for missions lately, and I am practically begging God to send me. I am expecting God to make clear to me his calling when I go in June. 

I am playing around with the idea of going to Baptist Bible Translators Insitute: https://baptisttranslators.com/about-bbti/ it is basically a 9 month missionary boot camp where they teach you linguistics, bible translation principles, and a whole lot of absolutely helpful things for mission work. It costs about 250 a month, plus living expenses, the catch is, they do not allow students to work because of the intensity of the program. This poses an obstacle for me because I am about 8,000 dollars in debt. I will be getting a loan soon and it will come out to about 150 a month.I estimate that I could work off all my debt in about 8 months.but then I would either have to get support or raise money in advance to go to this bible translation school. 

I also have been presented an opportunity to go and help plant a church in Goshen Indiana, some of the college guys here are going to be helping out and some of them are getting a house and sharing it, they have invited me to come and help and stay with them, they also know a RV manufacturing plant that is hiring people, this could be a good chance for me to both make money to rid myself of debt and to help out with the star up of a new church.I am leaning heavily towards doing this but still praying about it. I also have the option of staying here and working in my home church, or going to a inner city church in Chicago. I have many options, and a some pretty lofty dreams that I would like to see accomplished, but I am surrendered and open to the Lord's leading whatever that may be:

I say all that to say this:

1. Pray that God gives me wisdom and confirms his will

2. Pray that God will provide the finances I need for whatever he has for me in the future.


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Brother Jordan, Prayers sent up, God's will be done. If He wants you to go to the translator institute He will provide a way to fund. If not He won't or He may delay. His timing is perfect. It does my heart good to see you trusting Him and seeking His will first and foremost.


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