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Knowing to do good and not doing it

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James 4:17 says, "Therefore to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin." This verse tells when we ignore doing what is right, it is just as bad as doing what is wrong. That is my interpretation. Many Christians would rather neglect their brother or sister rather than helping them out when we are able. God expects us to be our brother's keeper to a certain extent.

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The old saying about "The only thing that needs to happen for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." kind of applies here. And while it isn't scripture, I do think it's a good saying.

This is a good posting and something we should al keep in mind. Whether it's helping someone out financially, emotionally, or helping them to see what sin is doing in their life, we should be eager and ready to serve.

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Helping someone out financially, that is a good thought. That is a tough one, for there are many who buy a lot more than they can afford, they seem to think I deserve all this stuff and I'm going to get it, regardless. Some of these are very brave and seem not to think twice about asking their church for help.

We helped a lady out financially at my request, she had to stop working because of a disability. Later I found out that she took that money to help buy herself a new living room furniture less than a week after we gave it to her

Them about 4 years later we helped her out again, her mother had cancer and was having to make a 100 mile drive 5 days per week for treatment so we wanted to help with gas. Again she bought her self a new living room suit within the same week we gave it to her, not kidding the least bit. But at the same time found out she had got neck deep in debt from on line gambling not long before that and her poor mother bailed her out of that.

Do you keep helping out people like this, those who are their own worst enemy and or keep helping them? I sure there be several churches who has a member such at this.

I think we need to try as best we can to be informed on people we help out and not keep on bailing out people who just blow their money on buying stuff, or drinking, or drugs. I think to because of such people we have probably slack off on helping people who needs it

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