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OLD fashioned preacher

If Only the Mods' Work Output Matched Their Pay

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3 hours ago, OLD fashioned preacher said:

Well,some would say that ya'll get what you pay for --- nothing.

On the serious side -- an overview for those who are too new to know.


No, the mods don't get paid, the administrator does obtain some income to offset the costs of having OB available for us.

We all have involved lives away from the keyboard. 2 mods are pastors with secular jobs also. One mod has recently moved 2/3 of the way across the country, no longer holding the library job which afforded her with some extra "internet moments". One mod deals with OB from a cell phone (no thanks, that would run me into resignation). The administrator is beginning a new church in Connecticut. 

In keeping with the model established by Bro. Matt (the administrator), the mods are trying to keep the forum somewhere between "heavily moderated" and "practically un-moderated". Yes, that leaves a lot of lateral space (for the nautically inclined -- that's why we have non-skid halfway up the bulkheads). Anything we do will be "too much" in the view of some while still "too little" in the view of others (that's how all of life is).

I've seen comments, over time, about how we need to rid OB of all "Ruckman-ites", "Hyles-ites", "Funny-mentalist", "Briders", etc, et alia, ad infinitum, ad nauseum -- obviously not all from one seriously divided personality. A church should allow .......   look close - OB isn't a church, it is Bro. Matt's "Town Square".


Now, admittedly, I am bad about not noticing what area of OB a thread is in or if there are multiple threads on one topic (I saw a new posting and sought to back up to my last posting there in an attempt to see all posts following and couldn't find mine! I knew I had posted there and looked more carefully -- it wasn't there. On the fourth pass [yeah, I'm slow sometimes] I realized this was ANOTHER thread with the same argument!)

I have now gone through the trouble to print the rules and put them on the wall above the computer as a reference. Maybe I can reign more things into the letter and spirit intended for OB. Well, not quite -- we, the staff, can work toward the letter and intent (as opposed to, "technically, where does it SAY this is a violation"). But remember - only YOU can prevent forest fires ..... ooops, wrong message ... only YOU can work to return OB to the proper spirit intended for this neighborhood.

You are about 10 years too late.

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Critical -- glad you showed up (and here I had almost turned in). So, you never explained the unusual email address. Just how many people you reckon exist with "Wilchbla" in a name or address. So, what is a "Wilchbla" and would you happen to have the same as a screen name under which you were banned from here. I'll be looking for your reply in the time it takes me to finish the chapter I'm reading -- or tomorrow, whichever turns out to be appropriate.

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