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John Young

Why are Christians voting for Donald Trump?

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19 hours ago, DaveW said:

Well as an outsider, I think at least Hillary is an "honest" reprobate. She is open about her support for immorality etc.

Trump to seems to be saying he is more moral, but I just can't help but not believe him. Overwhelming feelings that once he gets the job (if, of course) he will conveniently 'forget' what he is pretending to be during the campaigns. 

I am just glad I don't have to make that decision. 

In our elections "voting is mandatory", but we also don't actually vote for our PM. In our own area vote we had something like 78 candidates on the sheet and about 12 parties.

But ours is also a "preferential" system where you vote 1 to 78 in the order you like them, and if your number 1 doesn't win they look at your number 2 and so on.

In reality mostly the two big parties win once this convoluted count is done, so you must consider which one of biggies you put higher as that is most likely where you vote will end up.


Upshot of all of that.......

I don't envy your choices..........


So were Stalin and Hitler...

she reminds me of Jezebel.

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Well Donald Trump will be our 45th president. I did not vote for him but I accept that he will be our president. I will be praying for him and our country. Please pray with me that he will seek God's face, lead in a godly way, and that he will gather to himself, and listen to, wise counselors. 

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John, I did vote for trump. Yes I do pray for him every day during morning devotions and encourage everyone to pray for his health and salvation:  "Let us not be dismayed in times like these. Donald Trump to have salvation & wisdom. "dissapoint the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise." Job 5:12 Grant Supreme Court Justices who will judge according to your will. Lord quiet those who would distract from this opportunity you've given for us to seek your face. Lord I pray for your continual encouragement to use this opportunity for your glory and your will." It may be obvious I hoped for someone to appoint SCOTUS who were constitutionists. I see things already which cause me concern over Trump but, I saw things in advance of the election that caused me concern over all the rest of the field. Merry Christmas!

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