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Which king

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Ahh. So good answers, just not THE answer.

Mebbe Nebuchadnezzar? Warned of God to be humble, then went on about how great he was, and his kingdom, run out by God for 7 years with the mind of a beast until the Lord opened his eyes and he gave God glory?

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Stumped me, "Invicta". I'm not sure what you mean by: the "used by date"... 

3 hours ago, Invicta said:

Which king in the bible passed his use by date?

If you mean expired... they all physically died. And you further qualified it was not a Hebrew king you had in mind... so my best guess is Pharoah in the time of Joseph OR it could be one of the two Pharoahs in Moses' day... (one pharaoh enslaved the Israelites, and the  other pharaoh during the time of the exodus who wouldn't obey God and let His people go.)  Any of the Pharoahs would likely have been mummified and thereby "passing their use-by date". That's my best guess.  I like questions like this... I'm eager to hear the answer :)

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Oh Yes.

Jeremiah 46:17  They did cry there, Pharaoh king of Egypt is but a noise; he hath passed the time appointed.

At our old peoples lunch club (I am 77 and they consider me a baby, most are over 80 and many over 90.  One had a fall last year and had to give up driving aged 97.)  As I was saying:  At our old peoples lunch club, one lady said that she thought someone had passed her sell by date and I thought of that verse and said there is someone in the bible that applies to and read that verse, and she said,  "I will have to get my bible out and start reading"


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