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Do you like C.I.Scofield's Study Bible notes?

Scofield Study Bible  

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  1. 1. Do you like C.I.Scofield's Study Bible notes?

    • Yes I do, and recommend them.
    • Yes I do, but only for references where I agree.
    • No I do not, but it interests me.
    • No I do not, it is a false study system.

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I remember when many considered Scofield to be the epitome of an IFB Bible. I owned one, carried it for years, but I was never one for much reading the margin notes, and in fact, was told to take some of them with a grain of salt. In other words, some are great, others are poor. I understand them to ALL be man's writings. But when the time came that I actually read some, starting right at the beginning, when, in fact, there are far more of his notes than actual scripture, (something that should always be a warning to the reader), I discovered his trying to shoehorn in the gap, and I had enough of it.

I have been using, since about 2000, a study Bible called the New Open Bible. As terrible as it sounds, (it IS a KJV, by the way), it actually is perhaps one of the best study bibles I have seen. It doesn't push much opinion like the Scofield, rather I like how it gives things like weights, measures and currency values, has a section on Biblical archeological finds that prove out the historicity of the Bible, a good topical index in the front, and such. These things are very helpful in helping make things, well, as much as the word is misused today, relevant, in that, I can explain how much a mite is, or 100 furlongs, or a span, or a talent of gold, or how much a firkin contains. Brings it home for people to grasp better. Sadly, the New Open Bible is not in print anymore for the KJV, though it is for other versions, and the Open Bible, which has much less in it, is also available in KJV. Don't know why they don't print it any more-came and went pretty quickly.


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