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I'll try to keep it short...

I've been the member of a couple of Linux Google+ communities (and their operating system's forums)...trying to help people who are new to Linux. Not that I'm an expert, but I have learned a lot, and I want to make things as simple to follow as possible when I'm helping someone new to Linux. People seemed to really appreciate my input, and would give me a lot of +1's (similar to "Liking" something here or on Facebook). Even had one Linux developer ask me if I would consider helping him develop his operating system. I turned him down, but I did do several projects for him. I also was active on a couple of their forums. Again...they really appreciated my help and seemed to think highly of me.

I went into these situations to try to not only help people with Linux, but to become someone they would hopefully think highly of. Yes, I know how that sounds, but I mean it in the most innocent way possible. In other words, I wanted to have a good name with them as someone they could trust.

I kind of looked at it as a mission field. I spent time building relationships with these people...I became someone they trusted and depended on.

...and then it happened...

I gave them the gospel...I didn't just slam it down their throats, but presented it to them in the way that I thought it would more likely to be accepted...with kindness and love...as someone who is genuinely concerned about them and wants to help them.

Crickets have been chirping ever since. I've apparently become anathema to them.

Please pray for these people.

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Prayers sent up! You are obviously brilliant in the IT realm, I was thankful for the tech tip about the site stream viewing.  But I know exactly where you are coming from... once you mention the name of Jesus, the world is offended. I feel confident that the Lord is pleased that you chose to give them the gospel, even knowing it could cost you financially and professionally in the workforce. You did the right thing... (doing what is right in the sight of the Lord is ALWAYS the right thing) and even though you haven't hear a peep from any of them, you never know when/if the message touched their hearts.  I firmly believe that God's word will not return unto Him void... it will accomplish what God wants it to accomplish (whether it be to convict hearts and minds or to harden the heart). The important thing was that you chose the Lord over your own wants and desires for this life. I'll be praying for the people you gave the gospel to, that is it's God's will, He would soften their hearts to the words of truth. I'll be praying for you also, you have a gift in technology that the Lord can use somewhere... maybe not where you thought you'd like it to be? But I think He gives us talent in specific fields for His own glory and His own reasons. I'll be praying that God would reveal to you His plan for your talents!

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18 minutes ago, Ronda said:

Prayers sent up!

Thanks Ronda. I didn't mean to misrepresent myself. I'm by no means an IT expert. I'm just a hack who has learned a bit through trial and error...a lot of trial, and A WHOLE LOT of error!   :nuts:

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