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Inside the Syrian War

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Americans have been fed the lie of "equality" as defined by liberal humanists which has led most to ignore reality, history and their own instincts. The strongest nations are those which are most homogeneous, not the most diverse. Commonality binds, diversity, as the word suggests, brings division.

American leaders are intent upon turning America into an increasingly diverse nation which will, as history proves, bring about extreme power plays between the competing diverse peoples and will likely end in brutal civil war and the downfall of America.

Russia has been attempting to join with America in the fight against Islamic terrorism for years. Ignored is how quickly Russia sent condolences and offers of any assistance of any kind immediately after 9-11, or the memorial gift they sent America. Ignored is the fact Russia has continually sent America information regarding terrorists, including warnings against the brothers who became the Boston marathon bombers, but virtually Russian intelligence is dismissed simply because it comes from Russia. Russia has offered assistance in dealing with ISIS since they first became a thorn in our side.

American leadership has failed to learn the lessons of removing strong leaders from Muslim countries. Look at the vast mess created by the removal of Sadaam and the problems in Libya since Gadafi was taken out. They seem to forget Assad willingly helped America by allowing use of Syrian air bases in their previous wars there.

Muslims and radical Islam is poised to dominate not only the Middle East, but Western Europe within the next 20 years. This war will extend to Canada and America as well.

While the Christian West commits suicide, the Islamic hoards are crashing the gates to exterminate both Christians and Westerners.

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