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Tsunami 2015

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They have been talking about this huge earthquake down in south America, and a resulting tsunami, that is expected to bring...1-2 foot waves.  So just a joke on it.

This happened 3 or 4 times while I lived in Hawaii. Same result every time. Although, the one from the Japan earthquake made some 10-footers if I remember, but seeing that winter swells regularly went 20-30 feet it wasn't exactly a big event.

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Most often they seem to go vastly overboard in their predictions of possible threats. This is why so many folks not only mostly ignore severe weather watches, but also warnings.

I understand they have to relay potential threats but if they would do so in a more reasoned manner which may actually turn out to be more accurate that could cause more people to take them seriously when truly great threats are present.

Last year the weather forecasters called for a major, dangerous, trapped inside your homes snowstorm to hit us. Virtually everything in the area (except for our church!) announced they would be closed down, some even 48 hours ahead of the predicted storm. No snow Saturday or Saturday night, nothing but less than an inch Sunday.

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