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1. Click your avatar (in the upper right corner) to bring up your profile.

2. On your profile, click the little picture icon on your avatar.

3. A window will pop up that will allow you to upload a photo from your computer, enter the URL (web address) of an online picture, or choose a Gravatar.


Hope that helps...

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thank you so much, it worked..

ut oh its blurry, now what do I do

The reason why it is blurry is because you uploaded a small resolution picture and the software expands it so that the face will fit inside the circle. If you have a larger resolution photo and upload that, it will fix the blurry problem on the photo.

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On my forums if you don't insert the actual size of the picture, it will distort the picture. But my forums have a place to insert the size, I don't see any place for that on Matt's forums.

If you have any photo software you can still leave the resolution large, but crop the actual physical size of the photo. Many times when I do this in Photo Shop the photo is actually clearer.

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Yes Rosie, it is different. Photo Bucket is a picture hosting website. Photo Shop is a software program, a very expensive one too. I'll try a search online for one you may be able to use.

Here is a link to some free photo editing software. Like any other program, you will have to learn how to use what you select, but they are free and available.


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