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"Salvation Quiz"

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Jim-Alaska... I was wondering the same thing... I grew up going to an IFB,  I was doubly blessed because my uncle was also the pastor there.  We went to church every time there was anything going on there... twice on Sunday, always on Wednesdays and often times for other events. He moved down south (but remained an IFB preacher all his life until he went on to be with the Lord in his late 70's),  and we also moved to a different area because of my Dad's work.  The only Baptist church there was is SBC, and what a let down in comparison!!!! There was such a hunger for the word after having been raised on it and then hearing what passed for a "sermon" at the SBC, so when I studied on my own and had questions I just picked up the phone and my uncle would be glad to help me with biblical answers long distance!  I had tried asking some of those same questions to the SBC pastor and was stunned to find out he had no idea!!! I honestly don't think he picked up his bible other than to blow the dust off and wave it around, lol.  That same church now uses the NIV, has "contemporary" music and is as worldly as going to a secular social event.  I don't know if they are ALL that way, but I can tell you they didn't have a clue about dispensations, rightly dividing, nor even a clear presentation of the gospel!!!!!!  His idea of a "sermon" lasted less than 5 minutes and the rest of the "service" was devoted to the offering, and SINGING, and when we were done singing, he had "special guest" singers, pianists, guitars, even bell ringers! They then had a prayer request list, then it was time to go! (Nothing wrong with prayer request and singing but it shouldn't take precedence over the word of God).  Now that might be a dream come true for somebody who goes to church just to say "I go to church", but for someone who WANTS to hear a sermon which actually contains the word of God in it, it's a real let-down.  I never ONCE heard him give an altar call or even mention how we should be trying to spread the gospel.  So I ask... what is a church for if they can't even do that??? I thank the Lord for helping me find sermonaudio.com.  I can find LOTS of great IFB preachers and hear plenty of "meat" for my soul.  I'm also thankful for God leading me to this site because I crave Christian fellowship. Studying and learning God's word is an ever-present desire.  I feel sad for this entire area since there is no "real" church to attend here. I wonder how many other places in the US are like this? Now I doubt ALL SBC are like this, but I have to wonder how many are? And how many souls are lost because they aren't hearing even the gospel preached?

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Hi Heartstrings, sorry I went off on a tangent about SBC churches.  I am sure that some SBC have SOME sound doctrine (including the right understanding of the gospel).  My point was (which I didn't make very well) was that I didn't want to take a SBC quiz, because I am an IFB.  I didn't mean to offend you personally. 

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