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Getting American Young Ready to Vote

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Keeping people ignorant of history, especially while filling their minds with distortions, lies and propaganda, makes them easier to manipulate.

American schools once taught the basics rather well because they tended to teach the facts and base all classes on factual information and how to apply it. That was long ago. Schools today have become little more than propaganda mills used to keep the masses ignorant, pump their heads full of lies and socialist-liberal propaganda for a dozen years, and turn them into adults with no understanding of their own history or culture; and often barely even able to read or do simple math.

Virtually all colleges in America today have remedial programs students have to attend just to get their basic reading, math and sometimes other skills, up to where they may be able to actually do somewhat college level work. Even then, most are allowed to proceed even if they fail to do well in the remedial courses.

Listen to even so-called conservatives today and compared to traditional conservatives they sound just like liberals! At the same time, liberals from the past almost sound conservative compared to today's variety of liberals. In other words, both groups have been moving to the Left and that has left us with precious few traditional conservatives in America and they aren't the ones running the schools or government.

America is in the process of assisted suicide and most welcome it without even noticing.

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