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Bible used as murder weapon?

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

Followers of the religion of peace strike again.  As usual the main stream media attempts to keep the crazy Christians calm by not "printing all the news that fit to print".


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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

I saw this story online the other day, but have not seen anything about it since. I've not seen or heard anything on TV or radio. When I saw the story online I wondered if perhaps they hadn't used the Bible to beat him in the head.

When the criminals aren't white the media protects them. Like the other day when the black man murdered the two white news people he had once worked with. He even stated he killed them because they were white and he hoped to start a race war. The media quickly turned away from those facts and began trying to make the story about gun violence and the need to restrict guns. And "fair and balanced" Fox News, they chose to drop that part of the story too and instead decided to focus on mental health.

That liberal loon and Fox News employee even stated the 2nd Amendment was the stupidest thing in the Constitution and should be abolished. That set the other talking heads with him off into their mantra about mental health.

No, nothing to see here, there is no Muslim war against the West and Christianity; there is no war of blacks against whites and police. The real danger is that Hulk Hogan was caught speaking racist comments because someone recorded a private conversation where he used that dreaded "N word" which most all blacks use, most all people of other races who spend much time with or around blacks, most all rap and hip-hop stars use and people of every race sing along with, and most Hollywood actors use or have used in their movies. Yep, it's Hulk Hogan who is the real danger to America and Fox News made sure they covered that story again today so we don't forget just how racist and evil white folks are.

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