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Wedding anniversary

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53 years! Amen!

"Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it: if a man would give all the substance of his house for love, it would be utterly contemned." Song of Solomon 8:7

God has blessed both of you.


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In 1957 - a few months after my conversion - I went to Hull unversity. Ann also went there. The first time she noticed me was at my baptism in December. We were in the Christian Union - a good place to meet other believers & get to know them without getting personally involved. After the exams in June we teamed up. 

I met her parents & younger brother when they were caravanning in the New Forest, cycling distance from my home in Southampton. They didn't like me. When we w ready to marry in 1962, they didn't arrange the wedding - my parents did. Ann's mother's sister was her only relative there. She was very supportive over the years - even made her home available if we needed it during the honeymoon, as she was away. We had no money, so we were camping, & the weather turned wet in the second week. The police arrived at her home soon after we did! 

Parents provided a number of wedding gifts for the house, but the estrangement continued until Jeremy arrived a year after the wedding. Grandad fell in love with him, & we often visited after that. 


Don't know about celebrating - Ann has her first session today at the pain clinic at the local hospital - 12:30 to 3:30. She has chronic leg pains. She insisted on making her own way by bus, so I'm on my own for lunch. 

Saturday we were expecting to look after our 2 1/2 y-o grandson Michael. But we had news that my brother (2 years older) was in hospital having suffered serious strokes. We were able to see Michael's family, & his 1 month old sister Alexandra, but afterwards went on to see David. 

We did have a big family gathering 3 years ago at our church - see my picture.


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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

53 years. 


I was all of 1 year old when you got married and I've had a hard enough time living with myself for that long. Isn't it amazing how God can place us with just the right person that will overlook all our shortcomings and key in on that little bit that is pleasing in their eye (I'm speaking of my wife looking at me). Little is much when God is in it.

Congratulations! It sure is a sweet blessing from God to be in a godly marriage. Enjoy each moment!

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