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    • By Miss Daisy
      Please say a prayer for me. I live with chronic pain in my back, hips and feet. My hips have been hurting exceedingly so the last few days and it really hits when I lay down at night for bed like I am now. I have fibromyalgia and it feels like someone has thrown me down a couple flights of concrete steps. I can't lay on my sides at all. 
    • By Miss Daisy
      Please pray for 9 year old girl named London who was just taken to  E.R. because (supposedly, heard from neighbors) she tried to kill herself because her mom's boyfriend has been beating her. She called and told her grandma who called cops. Mother didn't even go with daughter to E.R.
      I just can't fathom this type of stuff. Pray for child and that justice will be done for her if needed.
    • By Miss Daisy
      Please pray for my grandma Dorothy who's been an amputee for 5 years from bone cancer. She's in hospital now for bladder infection and they're running other tests. Also requesting prayer for my mom and my aunts who have been able to keep my grandma in her own home for last 5 years but my grandma is now older, weaker, sicker, and her other leg's knee is giving out. She's 85ish. My grandma needs to accept that she may no longer be able to stay in her own home. Her doorways are too narrow for her wheelchair for starters. My mom and my aunts are all in their 60's now and have health prOBlems of their own and would unable to care for her in their home also. My mom's home's doorways are too narrow for a wheelchair also. I'm not any help because of a lot of back prOBlems. My grandma has also gained a lot of weight since being in a wheelchair which compounds the prOBlem of moving and lifting her. She has stated she wants to make it until her last granddaughter's wedding, in two weeks. Then I feel she's just going to give up. She is saved and a Christian. If she stays in hospital for another day and half Medicare would pay for nursing home for her to recuperate a few weeks before more decisions are made. But she is very strong-willed and wouldn't go without a lot of prayer! I know this is long and I've asked for prayer for her before. Thank you!
      Last time she was in hospital and went to nursing home for a few weeks she was very glad she did.
    • By Miss Daisy
      Anyone that is still awake please pray for my daughter tonight. She got mad at me and said she's moving out, "you're dead to me", etc. a little while ago and took a bunch of her stuff and said she was going to her dad's. My mom came over and talked her into going to her house first to talk. Please first pray she doesn't make the hour plus drive to her dad's house at this hour, mad at me, not a safe situation.
      She turned 18 last month and leaves for college in the fall. She has a horrible temper. She doesn't get it from me or her father, my father had a hair-trigger temper and it's like living with him again. I walk on eggshells around her so I don't upset her lately. I'm so anxious and edgy when it's time for her to come home from school or work I want to run away.
      The fight was same as every other, her attitude and way she talks to me, cusses when she's talking to me, and thinks we are equals.
      Please just pray for us tonight.
      Thank you in advance.
    • By Miss Daisy
      I'm asking for prayer for me and my 17 yr. old daughter. Sometimes I don't think I can take another day. I just take each day as best I can and pray for strength and guidance.
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