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Did anyone start a Duggar thread yet?

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Thanks to the Duggar family, Christians are now officially the most despised group in America.  We were already almost there, but now I think the world officially hates us.  Even though I don't consider their brand of Christianity to be the same as mine, the world doesn't care.  They lump everybody in together, and now they equate anti-gay with being a pervert.


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I don't know if the whole family is to blame for this unless they knew Josh was involved in sexual sin and tried to keep it quiet rather than deal with it.

At the moment, it seems Josh is mostly or even solely responsible for giving the enemies of Christ an open door to attack us through. The fact Josh was working in a very public position for Family Research Council, having placed himself as a spokesman for Christians, all while he knew he was engaging in sexual sin, and doing so in a very risky manner, is the real problem.

This is a larger scale version of the temporary dust-up over Bristol Palin, doing public speaking tours promoting abstinence while not practicing it herself and then becoming pregnant out of wedlock.

Unfortunately, our enemies will always find some prominent Christian caught in public sin and use that as an open door to attack. Whether the pastor who preaches against homosexuals and then is caught having homosexual relations, of the Palin incident or the Josh debacle, our enemies will always judge us and attack us by and through or weakest members.

In these situations I point out to people that I don't follow Josh, the Duggar family, Bristol Palin, the FRC or Pat Robertson; I follow Christ and strive to live in accord with His Word (the Bible). Most often, this eventually steers the conversation in another direction. For those who are just so bent upon attacking or trying to start a debate, I say basically the same thing but then separate myself from them because they aren't interested in the truth.

Whenever we (Christians) are in the public spotlight there is more chance for someone to look up to us, to consider us someone special to some extent, and also to see our faults, notice if we sin. Pastors, their wives and children often feel this "fish bowl" effect with some people looking at them as a big fish in a little pond, or others who keep a watchful eye for the sake of hoping to catch one of them in a bad light or outright sin.

Naturally, the enemies of Christ are watching too and will take advantage of any opportunity to attack whether it's a case of a pastor or pastor's wife hugging a visiting family member of the opposite sex "too long" (according to the spy who doesn't even know it's a family hug), or a more prominent Christian caught kicking a cat into oncoming traffic, the enemy will pounce whether he can only get an ounce or a pound for the effort.

Take courage, this too will pass, and the end is already written in our favor by the grace of God.

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Pro_16:18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

Num 32:23 But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your sin will find you out.

Josh has learned this lesson the hard way.  Or, at least I hope he learns it and seeks help and makes it up to his family.

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