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Miss Daisy

Suggestions 4 SS Posters

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Does anyone have any suggestions for online places to purchase some posters for my Sunday school room? They have to be cheap, because it'll be out of my own pocket. Thanks for any ideas!

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 Many years ago, I had a Canon A3 printer.  I also had a HP camera, only 2 mp and they said it was suitable to enlarge to A4.  My printer would print a four sheet and a  nine sheet poster.  You have to stick the sheets together but they had cutting marks. I took some photos some of my grandchildren and scenes and over printed them with bible texts using Corel Draw.  I printed them as a 4 sheet A3 posters which makes them A1 and the quality was reasonable for normal viewing distances for that size poster.  I think most printers will do some sort of poster printing and also banner printing if you look in the settings.



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I don't have any suggestions for cheap professional posters, as when I was looking for some, I couldn't find any cheap ones that were drawn in a style I liked. So my Sunday School walls are bare most of the time. However, last year, I gave my students large sheets of butcher paper and had them draw scenes from the Bible lesson from 'Daniel and the Lions Den', they turned out great! They also drew a favorite Bible scene and chose the 'Temptation of Jesus', which was a group effort. The kids were thrilled with it and enjoyed having it up on the wall until Christmas rolled around and I put it away.

I am thinking of doing something similar again, only with smaller and more durable poster paper. This time I'm going to have them individually choose either a favorite verse to write down/decorate or a favorite scene to draw. This might be something your Sunday School kids would be interested in doing. If you have access to an overhead projector, you could even find a scene of your own that could be projected onto the wall and the kids could trace over and paint it as a class project. (If you can't draw directly on the wall, you can cover the size you want with poster paper.)

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