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My father was taken to the hospital last Saturday and very weak since Saturday, Sunday and Monday. He cannot speak or eat. He only open his eyes and then sleep again. He is very pale. A sister from church and one of our young Pastor visited him in the hospital and shared again the gospel to him, even though he is not responding, I know that he can hear.  This morning, I am so happy that my sister send me a message through FB that my papa is now talking and eating. He is scheduled again for amputation of his legs and will be needing bags of blood as he is anemic too.

I am just so happy that he is alert now. God really answers our prayers and I give the Glory to Him.

There are lots of sick and dying people in our hospital ward, mostly due to diabetes, please include them in your prayers too.

Praise the Lord! :)

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Praise the Lord as he cares for us and grants mercy through the difficulties we face. May the Lord do a work to reach out to all those in the hospital ward for their salvation and well being. I pray for the best for your father and most especially that he know Christ as Saviour and Lord. May the Lord bless and keep you and your family.

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Requesting prayers for my father again who is in the hospital right now. Unconscious since this afternoon. Having a hard time breathing, not urinating anymore, kidney failure maybe. May God have mercy on him and will save him and grant him eternal life. Still alive, but we do not have much hope on his physical condition. Prayers for comfort needed. Thank you.

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My papa died yesterday afternoon due to complications of diabetes. God has been very merciful because even up to the last minute of his life, God sent missionaries in the hospital to be able to share the gospel to him. I am not sure if he could still hear it but the whole family was very comforted. Some bible students and one of our Pastors was also present during his passing which makes things a little bit easy for us to accept. His heart stop while he was sleeping, not much physical struggle. Praise the Lord!

Thank you all for your prayers. God bless you.

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Thank you all brothers and sisters!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for God's comfort and mercy to us sinners. I am always thankful for my salvation!

Again, hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving celebration.

The moderator can now close this thread and thanks for all your prayers and encouragement during my papa's battle of diabetes.

Thank you Brothers and sisters!


Mods, please close this thread now. God bless. :)

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