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    • By Professor_Physika
      Hi all  
      I would like to know your opinions on atheism being defined as a religion. Some questions to discuss:
      1) Is atheism a religion?
      2) What is the definition of atheism?
      3) What is the definition of religion?
      4) How did you reach your conclusions?
    • By Professor_Physika
      Hi all
      As some of you may know, I'm a recent member invited by another member of this online forum. I'm also an atheist.
      So far, I have been treated fairly respectably on this board which I greatly appreciate, but there have been some inklings by fellow board members as to the intent of some of my posts.
      In an effort to help me further understand Christian doctrine and the opinions of Christians in general, I've started this thread so that the following question can be answered: what do you think about atheists and why?
      (Possible suggestions for discussion: what do you think an atheist is, what do you think an atheist believes or doesn't believe, do you have any atheistic friends, etc etc; by the way, fill free to express your honest opinion, I don't offend easy  )
    • By Professor_Physika
      Hi all! This is my first real post so I'm gonna get right to it.
      I believe it's possible that the following syllogism prohibits the idea of free will and actually supports the idea that it is an illusion.
      1) God created the universe.
      2) God is timeless.
      3) God is omniscient.
      4) God had a choice in creating the universe.
      5) If God knew beforehand the events of this universe as His timeless omniscience would seem to imply, He bears ultimate responsibility for all actions taken in said universe, acting, in a way, as the "prime mover" of a Rube Goldberg-esque machine. In the same way that a domino has no choice but to fall over when hit by the domino triggered before it, so do people also lack the free will to alter their decisions. Therefore, free will does not actually exist and is instead an illusion.
      My question is this: where am I wrong, how did you determine that I'm wrong, do you support a contrary position, and why?
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