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Hello all! Before I tell you all about me, I suppose I should take the time to actually explain why I'm here.

Over at Glenn Beck's The Blaze website, I have an account (going by the same moniker). Yesterday, another member called TheSword and I got into a little debate pertaining to evolution and the age of the earth and this debate continued on until today. At the end, TheSword was kind enough to invite me to this forum presumedly to become a little more active in religious-based conversations as he/she (rightly) felt this would be a more appropriate venue for that sort of discussion.

About me: I was raised as a fundamentalist Southern Baptist from birth, seeing as my family has always been quite active in the church. Nothing negative has ever happened to me in church or my family and I love both groups of people for raising me the way they did, but in around February of 2013, after a couple of months of skeptical inquiry, I came to the conclusion that I lacked a belief in any gods. I won't go into the exact detailed reasons I rejected my god belief (I'm sure that'll come later in dedicated threads), but I will say it's something I'm fairly quiet about in my personal life. As far as I know, my family is unaware and only a handful of my friends have I felt comfortable enough to let know. I still live with my parents (I'm pretty young, but I won't give an exact date in the interest of privacy) so I guess you could say I'm waiting until I'm out of their presence to come out and admit I no longer believe in any gods.

Anyways, that's me! Nothing much special, just a curious guy who likes to have conversations with people so I can understand what they believe and why. I hope to get to know all of you and I hope my presence doesn't serve as a source of discomfort considering I am, in most senses of the word, an outsider.

Good day all :) 

Welcome to the Forum. :)
Believe in God, the salvation in Jesus alone and you'll never regret it.
Jesus is the bread of life, the living water, the rock, and only Him can give us satisfaction in life.

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Romans 1:

20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.


Some people would rather pretend we all came from some pond scum that mysteriously morphed into thinking and complex beings... science proving the intricacies of DNA and the human body alone should show one such a person that it's impossible to have just "morphed" from pond scum into humans.  Or then there's the "big bang" people who think that the one and only time in history an explosion caused order instead of chaos was during this one "big bang" but then they can't tell you WHO set off a big bang or how it happened.  There are countless excuses why a person wants to deny God... but they all come down to one thing... sin... they like it, they don't want to answer for it, they don't want to turn from it, and they will find ANY excuse to keep doing it.

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      I got saved in 1982 when I was in a crisis. I walked into a Bible church, and talked to the pastor. I got saved that day, and in a few months I moved from TX to WA.  I asked my neighbors about churches, and heard a lot of negative comments about one in particular. This church was described as "legalistic", "fanatical", etc, etc. This sounded interesting! I decided to go. I walked in to morning services on Round up Sunday, and sat under an evangelist named Al Lacy. I was hooked! The people in this church taught me so much. I was baptized and set out to learn all I could in my "new convert zeal". We moved numerous times, courtesy of the USN, always finding another IFB church. We are now retired, back in Texas. I have 3 grown daughters, all making a profession of faith. Working on the grandkids now. I know that I am where the Lord would have me be.
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      Hi all  
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      Hi all! 
      This topic isn't so much about arguing the merits of evolution versus creationism, but rather for me, an outsider (as a "believer" in evolution), to understand what it is exactly members of this forum believe about the theory of evolution.
      I appreciate any input and here are a list of suggested content to be discussed: what do you think evolution is? Why do you reject evolution? What do you think a theory is? What led you to be interested in this topic? Why do you think evolutionary theory is popular in biology? Can you define a "kind"? To what extent can a creature evolve if you believe it's possible? Why is there an extent to which a creature can evolve? And, of course, why do you hold those beliefs?
      If I have the chance or feel the need, I'll jump in and express my opinion, but I'll more than likely just be asking for clarification for my benefit and understanding (and hopefully your's too!)
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