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 I follow many Missionaries around the world and my heart is overcome with joy seeing the wonderful work God is doing through them and the many lost souls that are being saved, I keep in contact with as many as I can and fellowship with them when it's possible, It's a wonderful blessing one can have in one's heart to hear him give a testimony of how him or another labor in the Lord lead the loss sinner(s) to the Lord Jesus it ''Keeps me Praising the Lord Jesus " Keeps me in Prayer '' and Encourages me to share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with the Lost sinner

I love to share my testimonies with my brothers and sister's in the lord the same way our Brother Missionaries share theirs. '' Praising our Lord Jesus in all His Glory "

If you have a Testimony of how you lead someone to the lord Jesus you would like to share Please do and help " Keep us Praising our Lord Jesus '' Keep us in Prayer " and Help Encourage others to do the Will of our lord God in Heaven.


I love you All 



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ok I will


I had the privilege of leading a friend to the Lord here where I live on the 5th.. she came to me upset with health problems.. I have witnessed to her several times in the past year and a half.. I could see her need was great..  Through talking to her the Lord prepared her heart for the Gospel message.. I didn't have my Bible with me so we came to my place to get it, she sat at the table and I showed her from the Bible how to have her sins forgiven and be a child of God.. She prayed and asked Jesus to save her and He did.. I don't think she has stopped smiling since.. Please pray for Nancy as the devil is trying to get her back... 

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I'll share the one that has probably been the greatest blessing to me...

When my wife's grandmother was in a nursing home, she roomed with another lady (for a short while). This lady was bed-ridden...and she couldn't talk. I'm not sure why.

I would always try to say a few things to her when we would visit my wife's grandmother, but of course it was hard since she couldn't really respond. She just kind of laid on her bed and stared up at the ceiling all the time...really all she could do was shake her head for "yes" and "no". I got burdened for her and decided the next time we visited, I would spend more time with her and witness to her.

When we visited next, things worked out so that my wife took her grandmother out of the room, and I stayed to talk to her. After a little bit, I began to witness to her and asked her if she knew that she would go to heaven one day. She began to have...what I can only describe as...a frantic look on her face. She started breathing hard and somewhat moving her upper body back and forth in her bed. I'll be honest, it scared me. It scared me for her health, and it scared me because I didn't know what her reaction meant. Was she scared? Was she mad? I didn't know.

I asked her if she was okay, and she nodded "yes"...so I went through with everything...with her nodding "yes" or "no" to my questions and whether she understood or not.

According to her testimony (from her nodding her head), the Lord saved that lady that day. She kept that frantic look and hard breathing up during the entire time, but when everything was finished, and she got saved, she suddenly relaxed and had a peaceful look on her face. Then she did something that I didn't know was possible for her...she looked right at me, took my hand, and in an almost non-existent and garbled voice...she said, "Thank you."

Folks, people need the Lord, and God can use YOU to reach ANYBODY. Here was a lady who had been basically cast aside. As far as I knew, she never had any visitors, and no one ever spent time with her...I guess because of the condition she was in. She was cast aside and left alone. I'm thankful that the Lord was able to use me...to get me past my own uncomfort in trying to talk to her...and I'm glad I'll see her in heaven one day.

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