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Vehicular Prayer Request

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Hi., ho, all!

Just a request for prayer. We have, currently, three vehicles down for repairs. My F150, my staple farm truck, just went down with transmission issues, my Ford Ranger still won't run, (given to me after sitting for eight years), and we have a Jeep being worked on, hopefully with everything bought and mostly done, as far as we know, but with my wife going one way to work and me going the other, it makes life difficult.

I also am way overdue for a trip to the auction and my goats are eating me out of house and home, but our Tempo won't haul the trailer.

So finally got my tax return and have money, but repairs are going slow. So if you might spare us a moment, would you send up a prayer that we can get a vehicle or two running soon?

And please, no Ford jokes-they have actually run long and strong more than I would have thought.  And considering I traded my 73 Gran Torino for my pick-up, I try to take care of it. I miss that car! 

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Thanks all. Just got word, some good, some bad-my F150 needs a new transmission-he pulled the filter and pieces of the transmission fell out--not a good thing. But he went and looked at my Ranger and said he has it running now. I still need to rebuild the carburetor and probably get a new battery, but its the truck I'd really like to get fully functional, along with my wife's Jeep.

So thanks for the prayers-so far they seem to be being heard and answered-amen! Please keep them coming if you would-its tough being out in the bush with no transportation.

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Yep, I am a would be Ford freak - love em, but never owned one.

I have however owned several FIAT's, so I know about car trouble. :lol: 

And like you I am in need on the car front.

The old Landcruiser we have is running fine now, but we have only one car, and we really need another.

A friend of my father's has a Chrysler Neon but is leaving the country in a few weeks and will need to sell it, so we are talking to him about it.

It is a 1997 model and has a few neon issues, but he doesn't want much for it, and a small 5 seater is perfect for us.

We just need to find the money.

And put up with the jokes - the  neon was never a success here in the first place. :lol: 

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Thanks, all.

Latest: I have my '85 Ranger up and working, more or less, right now-need to rebuild my carburetor, (fortunately my wife knows how to), and fix a leak in a seal, maybe a few other things, but it will get me to and from work for the moment. A '95 Jeep Grand Cherokee that we bought from a friend, which he has been working on, is apparently about ready for us-just replacing removed parts like the dash and bumper, from the work. we paid $500 for the vehicle, and have put about the much into repairs, so hopefully will get that very soon.

As for the F150, gotta find a good used tranny for it, (insert Bruce Jenner joke here), probably from a local Pick n Pull-have a friend who will replace it for me, so that will save money, as well as replace the front seal.

So things are moving forward.

A very good friend of ours from S. Carolina came to visit us; he's a Christian, IFB, went to our church here about 7 years back, when he came here to work at the local Army base. While here, about two weeks into the job, he was accused by a female co-worker of threatening her life. Apparently he was peeling a piece of fruit with a knife while talking with her, and she felt in danger, (he has a mild form of Tourette's, which causes him to kind of spit and stutter while he talks, especially if he is excited about something), and he was talking about how irritating it was that it was taking so long for him to get his money back from his PSC move from Korea. So she went to the commander's office and reported him of threatening her life. Now, if you knew this guy, you'd know this was just silly. BUt it started him on about a year-long crazy trip as he fought for his job with a commander who would not see him, a base lawyer who would not speak to him, and they wouldn't actually DO anything to him, just wouldn't let him work. No charges, nothing, just kicked him off the base. They paid him, but this is a guy who is a 30 year USMC vet and 10 year Civil Servant with a sterling record.

So, as his pastor, I helped him through the messy situation-tried to be there for all he needed, and finally we saw it through to a good ending for him. So this really bonded us, and he has really sought to help us-while he went back to Korea, he was not a member of a church so he sent his offerings to us, very large amounts sometimes, which we used while we were still in our building.      So, I said all that to say this: This is a man who really likes a nice car, and believes a pastor should drive a really nice vehicle. When he came he was driving a brand new, 2015 GMC truck. And I have to say, he was quite horrified at out vehicle situation. He just couldn't wrap his mind around why we wouldn't buy a much newer, nice truck or two, and I had to work for him to understand that where we live, bad dirt roads are the norm-I would handily destroy a newer, plastic truck of the sort they make today, on our roads. I finally convinced him, but as I drove home last night in my old Ranger, with it backfiring, the poor fellow looked at me and shook his head-I love the guy dearly, but he really just doesn't understand. He said he wished he had bought the truck he was in and not leased it, because he would have left it for us and flown home-and he was serious, he would have.   But it is wonderful to have brethren who really do care, even if they don't understand that a pastor can still be a good pastor when his truck is making noises it shouldn't.

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Today's news on the vehicular front:

In an opportunity to practice a live-fire drill at the base where I work, I came to the stop sign going out of the base, right in front of the base police station. When I went to move, my truck stalled; as I tried to re-start it, it backfired like nothing I've ever heard. Everyone looked, a few ducked, and a few cops came out of the building to see what was going on, and there I was, red-faced. As I waved people past, I sat for a moment, then tried to start again. After a couple tries and some smaller bangs, it started, (noticeably louder) and off I drove. When I got home, I crawled underneath and found what I expected: my muffler blew up. Well, down, fortunately, not up-it was split end to end, laid open like a gutted fish. On the plus side it seems to run just a bit better, but it got me to work today, hopefully will get me home, but now I add a new muffler, and probably catalytic converter to the work needed.

Thanks for the prayers.

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Praying for your vehicle needs! Sad, what happened to your friend. Is he in Korea now or states? Thank you for being a good friend to him. Poor guy. Military sure doesn't look out for its own anymore, if it ever did. 

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