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Don't be obtuse, please. You know perfectly well you were banned last time you were here. I think it's up to BroMatt to decide whether he'll give you a second chance.  You should PM him.


Edited by Salyan

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Do I need to? Are you going to ban me? And why?

Were you here before?


​What was your screen name when you were here before?


​Well, I was going to ask concerning your previous account but it's already been done.

I appreciate the openness and honesty and so declined from making a heavy-handed entry since you weren't "slinking around".

I would suggest that you follow Salyan's advice and PM Bro. Matt for an official 2nd chance. You might also consider refraining from or being extremely circumspect in any comments until then. You may also want to consider not starting any topics until then.

I shall await official word from admin.

Anyway, howdy.

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Why is that a warning? What did he do?

Leonard, it's old history. He was here before and was banned for breaking board rules. He was trying to come back by creating a new username, but was showing no remorse for his previous actions or any indication that he intended to change his behavior. That's not cool. 

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Again, I ask specifically, what was the original reason for my dismissal? What do I need to be remorseful over something that in no way that I did was sinful? 

What? My Calvinistic views? Because I drink? Because I smoke?

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Here's an answer for you: if you're back with BroMatt's approval, then howdy and welcome. But as OFP cautioned, circumspection might be in order....If you really don't know the reason for your previous banning, mayhap you should pm the mod who banned you or pm BroMatt and ask.

It might behoove you not to bait the mods...

Anyway, welcome back. 

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Dear Jeffrey2.O, or, should I say, "RESIDENT LIBERAL," Resident Liberal was your previous name was it not?

"But the liberal deviseth liberal things; and by liberal things shall he stand." Isaiah 32:8

I am a somewhat new member of Online Baptist and had to do quite a lot of research on previous threads that you posted on. It was disgusting reading your posts, your interpretation of scripture, and resentful attitude. I personallly hope that one of these days Matt takes down your posts and puts them in the garbage can where they belong. Your previous posts were the marks of spiritual garbage and disgusting to read. Maybe Matt is waiting on you to ask them to be taken down?

Your previous posting on,"In Defence of Alcohol: God's Blessing to Man," and your snide comments on the King James Version, and your twisted perversion of it with the Jehovah's Witnesses version, was a subtle attack on the King James Version. Your previous moniker, "Resident Liberal," fit your posts to a "T." 

After reading your posts I came to the conclusion that you needed to be banned as you twisted scripture to fit you own filthy sins, berated good brethren in the process, and, apparently: thinking that holiness, righteousness and morality is a joke, berated those saints who are trying to cleanse themselves of the sins of the flesh. Some of the saints are sincerely trying to be holy in their character and daily walk with the Lord Jesus and are not hypocrites, Pharisees, or, in the current term, legalists.

You were not only trying to justify the drinking of alcohol in a Christian forum, twisting scripture to justify your sin, trying to prove that God is all for your filthy sins, but are trying to cause weaker brethren to drink alcohol. Shame on you. You need to repent. As all of your posts have been read in a public forum you to need to publicly repent. And, may I add, to be sincere. It would help your walk with the Lord Jesus if you, publicly and sincerely, apologized to each saint you berated. the disharmony that you created was unwarrented.

I think you know exactly why you were banned and to try and insinuate that it was the moderators problem is very insincere, and hypocitical. If it was Luanne, she was only doing her job. And, quite frankly, she did a very good job and needs to be publicly commended for it. As I found out in your previous posts, you are a very subtle person and is the way you trypically operate. As a bystander, it apears to me that your  innocent attitude in your previous post is not innocent at all and is, at this point, hypocritical. It appears to be a subtle effort to sneak back into OnLine Baptist in order to cause further unwanted discussions and cause further disharmony among brethren. 

You need to publicly renounce your previous posts and apologize for your berating of those saints who tried to rebuke you for your liberal (sinful), ways. Then, maybe, felloship can be restored, the brethren will let you return with open arms, and new folks like me will accept you, and be open to honest, may I repeat, honest, discussions pertinent to the saints. 

As Isaiah 32:8 has been a blessing to me personally, permit me to a second time to repeat it, "But the liberal deviseth liberal things; and by liberal things he shall stand." Think about what Isaiah said and the things you believe.


Edited by Alan

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Specifically Allen, where was I wrong in my defense of alcohol? Can you exegete for me the passages that I used in my defense to show me where I'm wrong? Start with these verses

Deuteronmy 14:26

Isaiah 25:6

Isaiah 55:1

“There are some who have no understanding to hear the truth of liberty and insist upon their goodness as means for salvation. These people you must resist, do the very opposite, and offend them boldly lest by their impious views they drag many with them into error. For the sake of the liberty of the faith do other things which they regarded as the greatest of sins….Use your freedom constantly and consistently in the sight of and despite the tyrants and the stubborn so that they also may learn that they are impious, that their laws and works are of no avail for righteousness, and that they had no right to set them up.”


Martin Luther

Edited by Jeffrey2.0

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