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What a good citizen ought to know

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"It is the peoples right to know everything about their government.  It is not the governments right to know everything about the people, unless it can prove probable cause to a judge."

This is a long video but one that anyone who loves America ought to watch.  If you don't think you want to watch it, just watch the portion from 2:29:00 - 2:32:00.


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Thomas Jefferson warned of this even back in his day. Jefferson warned the government would grow, grab power and use it against the States and people. Jefferson pointed out the need for revolution, of one form or another, about every 20 years in order to keep check on the government. Jefferson also warned of the dangers of America being too large a country and how that would eventually lead to tyranny. Jefferson said he hoped to see America peacefully split into three or four (perhaps more) independent nations as a means of preserving personal liberty and preventing a central government from overgrowth.

Ron Paul spent years warning of these matters and standing against unconstitutional government and we see how the media and the Republican Party attacked him, denounced him, belittled him and tried to paint him as being on the lunatic fringe.

The Department of Homeland Security, an unconstitutional monstrosity, is one of the greatest dangers facing the States and people. Yet this department was thought of, organized and implemented by the so-called freedom loving, small government advocates who claim to want to govern by the Constitution: Republicans.

We have two main political parties in America which are both promoters of big government growing bigger.

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1. It's what every citizen should discuss when they hear political speech occur near them. 2. We have one political system in this nation.

I will do my part to make it go viral. If it's ignored or precluded after that then as a nation we'll get what we deserve.

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