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My school puts out a newspaper every week, and in this weeks edition I found something very disturbing. I don't know how many of you have heard of the book The Shack, but my school is outrightly advocating the book. The problem with this is the fact that Young portrays a view of "ultimate reconcilation" in his book. For those of you who do not know what this is, it is the view that all people will be reconciled to God regardless of whether they accepted the free gift of salvation through Christ. There are many other theological problems with his book. I guess I just don't understand how Christian's can advocate a book that so blatantly changes the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This will not turn people to Christ but rather make them feel secure in their sin. On top of all of this, my school has invited this William Paul Young guy to speak at our college. For this reason I am currently reading the book. I want to be preapared to challenge his teachings. I am regretting ever becoming a Philosophy and Religion major at this college. I am very upset and angry that a Christian would advocate a perverted gospel. I think you all should be aware of this book as one million copies have been sold.

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You know what I like about all this.
It always happens, new books, with perverted and perverted stuff. Books like Da Vinci Code, and one that was before that I don't remeber the name, and many other books every certain time, that they only remeber in the memory of some. This books strat dissapearing, less people read them, and talk about them and it continues on, BUUT the Word of God doesn;t it remains powerful and eternal for ever and ever.

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Its so sad that there are such people out there, but as time goes on there is just going to be more of them. There is no doubt, the gospel that will make people comfortable in their sins, will draw people like sugar will draw flies & ants.

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