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Some people won't be bullied

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Its to the point, gay supporters are forcing people to agree with them. How much longer until they are forcing people to have sex with them like in Sodom?

​You know, this brings up an interesting point: if a gay man rapes another man, can he go to court and claim that he was being discriminated against because that man was clearly willing to have sex with a woman, but not him, so its discrimination? A few years ago this would be a set up for a joke, but the way its going, it may not be too far from the truth.

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I never thought this should be a religious issue.  My opinion. 

Used to be.  That County health departments would report to the NHI (national health institute) Statistics about outbreaks of std's.  That would be reported back to local authorities or if bad enough.  The authorities would get involved right away.  Shutting down nightclubs etc.  Some don't understand prostitutes and sodomites were criminalized.  For public heath reasons.  County health departments have to keep track of things for any potential epidemic. 

Emory University puts out heat maps that show the highest rates of HIV.  I looked the one up for my city is dead center of the sodomite district.  Where things emanate from. 

Now its been published.  From what source I don't know that 1/4 of all sexually active people have some form of std. 

Authority is from God.  Its their duty to protect the public.  I don't know how religion ever got into this.  Its a public health issue just like prostitution.  Any cop with some time in will tell you that. 

From our perspective.  As saints.   The sodomites burn in lust for one another. Attach that to their penchant for multiple partners.  Guess where this might be heading.  Deal is.  This isn't a Christian America.  So try not to find out the hard way.  We are a Holy Nation.  Gods people. In addition a lot of these people really don't get what we are trying to impart in a nice way.  Because the natural mind does not comprehend the things of God. 


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Pence claims to be Christian. I believe this whole thing is a set-up, that they were organized just waiting for the bill to be signed. 

​First, did you happen to see any affiliation with a particular denomination?  

In reflecting back on all this, the thought has crossed my mind, what would have been the result if both Indiana and Arkansas had signed their bills into law the same day? What would be the result if 10 state's governors had signed bills on the same day? It was too easy picking them off one at a time.

I smell the unclean feet of old slew foot.

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He is listed as evangelical, which could mean anything...

Most definitely there is satanic influence at work. The new reading of the bill states that noone can refuse service to anyone. And it's being lauded by many here, a number of whom I, sadly, know. I'm kinda glad we're moving before they are up for re-election. 

Businesses will now either close down or be sued by the government if they are caught not complying. That's gonna be good for the economy, right?

I'm really disgusted right now about it.  We can use any excuse we want - they're under so much pressure, yada, yada. But when the rubber hits the road, it's just plain cowardice.

If a grandmother/bakery owner on the west coast (WA or OR, can't remember) can stand firm and risk everything - her business and her home - rather than bake a cake for a same-sex "wedding", then more shame heaped on the "men" of these states who didn't stand and say tough to the media and the gaystapo. 

We need Christ so badly in this country. But the light is growing dim and the salt has about lost its savor, all the while Christians pat themselves on the back for doing...well, whatever it is they do.


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