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Some ideas on Yemen war, etc..

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Do you ever watch any short videos!:D

Foreign policy between and among nations is most often complex and very much of what's going on isn't what we are told by our politicians and media.

Today we are able to dig a little deeper than in past years, thanks to the internet which allows us to consider various points of view, what other nations are actually saying, some of what they are actually doing, what's going on behind the scenes in our own affairs, etc.

Unfortunately, most folks don't avail themselves of such they simply accept what they hear coming from "their side" or they ignore it all.

Were more people to pay attention they would notice a clear history of folks who raised alarms about the reality of things have been attacked, called conspiracy theorists, nutcases, and worse, yet time shows they were right and those denouncing them knew they were right but didn't want the truth known because it didn't fit their agenda.

What's going on today is what's been going on throughout history, with government leaders lying to the people, doing dirty deeds behind the scenes, saying one thing, doing another, working to bring about the ends they desire at the expense of others. What's odd is some people don't want to believe their country is involved in such things as if their political leaders are above the influence of the world, the flesh and the devil.

National leaders seek to control their populations, seek to control the flow of information, even as they seek to dominate some nations, influence some nations, use some nations, engage in alliances and wars for the sake of their world vision (whether good or bad).

King Henry the 8th did this as did Napoleon, Lincoln, Russian Czars, and all nations and leaders with any power at all whether Japan or Spain, Canada or Argentina, whether "democracies" or dictatorships, communists or fascists, monarchies or any other form of government, people or nation.

Only those directly involved fully know what's going on, at least on their end, and oftentimes not everyone in a government or alliance is privy to everything either. We can look back to WWII and see countless examples of all these things on the part of everyone involved.

As long as the devil is running loose these things will continue.

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Do you ever watch any short videos!:D

Yes I do, when I get lucky and someone wants to get right to the point.  But unfortunately that doesn't seem to happen very often.  Many 3 hour long documentaries have been made and 1,000 page books written because someone takes a long time to get to the point.  Sometimes the point is worth the time and journey and sometimes it is not, but how do I decide until I endured the trek?  A long way of saying, "I am a glutten for punishment." 

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As in the days of Jeremiah in Scripture, most today don't want to hear the sound of the alarm of warning, they don't want to hear, believe or accept the message so they attack the messenger. Many fine men who have sounded the alarm over the last few decades have found themselves fired, no longer accepted to write columns in newspapers and magazines, no longer welcome on TV programs.

In recent years we've seen Buchanan forced out of a TV job because of his views, Beck was forced off Fox News because he was exposing too many uncomfortable historical facts the powers that be don't want people to know, Judge Nap lost his show on Fox News for rightly addressing constitutional matters and not being careful who his honest assessments of current affairs hit (he was only allowed to stay on Fox News as a guest contributor on other shows after agreeing not to bring up such things on those programs).

At least with the internet there is an outlet for some of these people and free ideas today. Unfortunately, the mass media and other powers that be have done a good job portraying anything "unofficial" (meaning not controlled by the mainstream media or political parties) to be anything from unreliable to wacky conspiracy theory.

They call this the information age. True enough, there is much information available online which millions can access, but most don't and most never will.

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The trouble with all that Internet information, we can be selective about what we believe.  

e.g. What are we to believe about the attack on USS Liberty? 

​It did happen.  Why, I am not sure.

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