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Most people just don't care unless it directly effects them in a bad way.

Whether online or in person when discussing something along these lines so many say "I have nothing to hide", as if that makes it okay to be spied on. Some say we have to sacrifice our privacy and freedom for the sake of safety.

Ideals such as privacy being a right of every citizen, of neither the government nor police having the right or authority to search or spy upon a citizen without just legal cause and due process is nearly gone with the wind.

Most living today have grown up in a time when the government has been involved in their whole lives so they don't even notice the encroachments

Personal privacy and liberty were once hallmarks of America, but no more. America is being turned into a socialistic police state and it would take only one major crisis (whether real or manufactured) with the right people in charge for the Leftists dream of a true socialist police state to become a reality. Unfortunately, many so-called conservatives are wittingly or unwittingly helping in this process.

The huge government apparatus will not stop it's grab for full power, dominance and control. The mostly illiterate and uneducated, mostly brainwashed, masses will help this become possible.

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Interesting thought! Our government insures we are "Slaves" or "Peasants...Bondmen & bondwomen" to the government &&&& to those who are made dependent on the government. That is interesting indeed!

Do I have this right:
The government is a taskmaster who insures we provide for the dependent. In other words we have become slaves, peasants, bondmen, and bondwomen to the dependent enforced by the 'The Washington DC Army'. 

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And included among the dependent on the government are the oligarchs and their cronies who control the government in one fashion or another. 

This cartoon is not funny so I thought I would put it in this thread instead of Humor.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 11.25.30 AM

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For most people they don't don't seem to have a clue who they are and certainly not who they are meant to be.

Along these lines, most Americans don't know who Americans of the past really were and what most wanted for this country and their progeny.

This is why government intrusion into our private lives is paid little attention.

This is why most Americans believe it's the governments job to provide food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, retirement and a variety of wants to not only the truly needy, but to at least an extent to virtually anyone who doesn't fall into the super wealthy category.

This is why Constitution ignoring and destroying politicians are elected year after year from both Parties.

This is why when the rare politician says they want to make actual change in government towards what the Constitution says, or even more traditional ways, they are quickly attacked (even by their own Party) and maligned in the media. Those who manage to get elected to whatever office are kept in check (kept from effecting any real change) by the rest of the government.

Who are we? A nation that's lost its way. A people who lack historical or even a true contemporary identity. A people content to let the government do what it wants as long as it tosses them some bread, lets them enjoy the circus and they feel they can do what's right in their own eyes. A people with no common religious grounding. A people mostly opposed to Bible-based Christianity. A people obsessed with chasing entertainment, pleasure and elusive happiness by whatever means they desire.

We are lost and Christ is the only answer for us as a people and as a nation.

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