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Afghanistan democracy and freedom

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Is this the democracy our neocon leaders are sending our young men to fight and die for?  To think that people of this sort are capable of handling a free and democratic nation is the height of stupidity.  I don't think the PTB are stupid so they must being instigating wars here and there for another reason other than spreading democracy.

Here is an example of the Afghani idea of freedom from Radio Freedom Afghanistan.  On the news page is a video.  If you cannot stand seeing violence of the worst sort do not click on the video.


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Our leaders tend to think everyone thinks the same and wants the same thing. To them, that means everyone wants democracy and all people will vote how our leaders wish, world peace and prosperity will be ushered in and the elite leaders and their wealthy supporters will live happily ever after.

They refuse to accept that most people around the world have very different philosophical, religious and political views and desires.

Our leaders exhibit much hubris when they believe their actions will save the world because they know exactly what the world wants and needs, which they believe to be democracy that goes their way.

There was actually good reason for our military to go into Afghanistan. The problem is, they should have went in, whooped the enemy and left. Instead, our leadership decided our troops should hang around while we gave the Afghan government billions of dollars to become a democracy and turn into modern America. Imagine that, it didn't work!

After the quick victory in Iraq our leadership said Americans would be welcomed as saviors , embraced and coddled as our leadership showed them the wonders of democracy. Imagine that, it didn't work!

American leadership supported the "Arab Spring", the ouster of a solid, reliable ally in Egypt, the overthrow of a dictator who was cooperating with us Libya, and for other Arab nations to rise up, cast off their rulers and become democracies. Just as the Palestinians voted terrorists to lead them, Egypt voted the same way and Libya devolved into a nation with no real government and became a haven for terrorists. Imagine that, once again trying to push democracy upon these Muslim countries and expecting them to become modern Americans didn't work!

There was good reason previous generations of American leadership kept their noses out of other countries affairs, and even when America took on a global approach, our leadership once worked with, supported, put or kept in power strong dictators in many of these countries. For some countries, only a strong hand at the helm can keep the masses from tilting the ship into chaos.

If we have to fight, we should go in, destroy the enemy and get right back for home. Let them clean up the mess and build their own selves up.

If we don't have to fight, we should let these countries tend to their own affairs and stay out. Keep our military and our money at home.

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I know an American who just went over to Kabul. I'll be praying for the person daily.

​If you have a name, or partial name or initials, I'll pray too.

The last serviceman from our area who was still in Afghanistan just returned home a few weeks ago.

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