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State of War?

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Is this somebodies sick joke or is something going on that we are not supposed to know about.  We all know that Putin has been missing for the last week so something is going on.  What?

"The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that the Federation is now in a “state of war” thus bringing to full activation President Putin’s “Dead Hand” nuclear order issued 29 July 2014 to The Strategic Missile Forces (SMF)"



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I hope it's a sick joke. It's not in the news media. No-one can win a nuclear war, nor justify using such weapons. They only exist as deterrents.

The only safe is in Christ. 

I'll continue listing to "The Choir" or BBC Radio 3.




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That brings us to the question - 

"What would you do if you knew the UK was about to be obliterated by nuclear weapons?" 

John Wesley is reported as responding to a related question by referring to his diary. 

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Knowing politics and international affairs often don't make sense, I still can't help but consider this and unlikely scenario.

Why would the UK prepare to make a nuclear first strike against Russia knowing that any such strike would result in the annihilation of the UK? Russia has far more nuclear missiles and bombs than the UK and the UK is a much smaller target, easy to devastate by nuclear strikes. Unless the US were prepared to launch a simultaneous nuclear first strike with the UK, the UK would have to know Russia would easily obliterate the UK and still have more than enough in their nuclear arsenal to defend themselves from any other attack.

Even "if" the US were to launch a first strike with the UK it would be impossible to prevent a retaliation strike from Russia which would still destroy the UK and could potentially destroy the US or at the very least cause extremely severe destruction America may not recover from.

Again, it doesn't sound rational the UK would be preparing for a nuclear first strike against Russia.

If the UK had truly set their nuclear arsenal on first strike status against Russia, and Russia had proof of this, it's likely the Russians would make such proof public as a means to bring public, worldwide pressure upon the UK to stand their nukes down.

Whatever the situation may be, I will continue living for the Lord until my time here is done.

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I don't think the article is correct either.  

But as to the question of whether a nuclear first strike is a rational idea or not, I agree it is not.  However The powers that be in the White House and the Pentagon do believe it is a very rational idea.  The fact they have plans to do such in the future and unfortunately they do not have any inclination to ask for our permission before doing so.  


All this is why I cannot understand why anyone goes along with Washington's predilection to doing all they can to irritate Russia.  Unless Washington desires to provoke Russia to respond in a fashion such that Washington thinks they could rationalize a nuclear response.  Dangerous times we live in.

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More of the chess gamesmanship our nations participate in. We send in advisers and they hold war games.

The US and South Korea recently held joint war games and North Korea responded by saying threats and firing a missile.

China claimed a certain portion of international waters to be her own territory, threatening those who may enter, so America sent a warship through the area.

Japan complained about the Chinese claiming some piddly island chains which Japan claims so China placed a tiny, manned military outpost on one of the tiny dots in the sea.

These back and forth moves are a constant occurrence year in and year out. Nothing new.

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