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Woman Sets Baby On Fire On Nj Highway

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I was just speaking with someone about the seeming rash of mothers killing their own children recently.


I guess such things is nothing new (we read of Jews copying heathens in sacrificing their children to false gods in the OT) but it's terrible to see so many mothers killing their children today.

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I do believe that this kind of action is often driven by demonic oppression - or even possession. But I don't believe that it always the case. When a people turn their backs on the preciousness of human life (not sanctity or sacredness), as in abortion, everything is tainted by it.  Add to that a distinct lack of fear or even knowledge of God and we see this kind of thing happening.  


God asked the question, "Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee."  When a people are taught that they are nothing more than animals - nay, even less important than animals as seen in the rescue the whales and wolves and the spotted owl garbage all the while abortion "rights" are protected - they tend to become animal like.  Most animal mothers don't harm their young. But sows will eat their own...

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I do realize we are talking humans, not animals. But the fact remains that many humans act like animals because they believe they ARE animals. 


Nowhere in that passage did God indicate that a woman forgets because someone (the devil in this case) causes it.  Human sin nature is just as vile and wicked as it can be when it is not controlled by Christ.  All too often we cast blame on the devil and his minions when the prOBlem is the sin of the individual. Flip Wilson popularized the "the devil made me do it" saying years ago.  Yep, sometimes he does. But quite often it's not him, it's - as the Bible puts it - our flesh.


I'm not saying she wasn't demon-possessed - no one actually knows. I'm just saying that things like this CAN be done without being possessed.

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We each have a sin nature and are capable of all sorts of evil. Whether out of our own evil thoughts or influence from devils man sins.


Until rather recent times, historically speaking, children haven't held the status they have for most of us in the West today. Even today, in some parts of the world, children are not generally held in high regard, often looked upon as burdens, sometimes seen as less valuable than a family pet.


Throughout history babies have been aborted or shortly after birth been tossed off cliffs, tossed into oceans (rivers, lakes) or left in the wilderness to die. In times of war children have often been targeted for death along with adults. Even when the children were older if they angered an adult or became seen as a prOBlem or burden, it was rather common for them to be driven off to fend for themselves or killed.


Mankind has a long history of killing babies and children in a variety of ways, often with the acceptance, even approval of the society at large.


Our sin natures, left unchecked, are capable of any wickedness.

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