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Defining Civilization: Women And Children First

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It is a good idea to compare what one sees going on around oneself to what is described in this article.  :peek:
"It is noteworthy that, in the current day, all the courses of the stone wall, from lowest to highest, are cracking, creaking, and tumbling, and the loudest traitors cry that the stones are oppression, blocking and hindering us from skipping down the road of yellow bricks; they scream that the Emerald City of Oz is just outside the gate, which we must throw open to welcome the Wonderful Wizard who will grant all our contradictory and childish wishes. What do you think?
And the bloodthirsty lions and jackals awaiting without are never mentioned. What do you think?
Whether the traitors are blind but sincere, or merely suicidal and malign, makes no difference to the end result."

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This harkens back to the age old prOBlem of man wanting to do things his way rather than God's. God told the early people to scatter and populate the earth but instead they wanted to be one people doing their own thing. God had to force the scattering which separated the people into tribes and eventually many into nations.


Even then what has been one of the main goals of these other than to bring others under their control and force a monolithic people. We see this in the biblical empires as well as the more modern nations. Great Britain, the Soviet Union, America are all rather recent examples of nations/empires trying to unite many peoples into one.


America, just as Rome before her, has decided there is no such thing as a "true American" just as Rome decided virtually anyone could be considered a Roman. Now anyone who manages to get into America can claim to be an American and for several decades now the American immigration policy has purposefully been used to end traditional America.


America is already no longer the nation she was for nearly 200 years. At the rate of things if America exists at the next turn of the century she will be nothing at all like traditional America and she will no longer be a major power.

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