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A Possible Scenario If No Nukes Fly

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The church's of America had better pick up the pace when it comes to sending out Christian missionaries to Russia and China as well as the rest of the world.  Why?

Because America (because of it's arrogance and hubris) is headed for the bottom of the heap.  The vast majority of it's people have left their first love and instead chosen worldliness and materialism.  The people have chosen to put their faith in military and financial power instead of the promises of the omnipotent God and for their error are about to reap their reward. 


The evidence is there for all to see if they will but look at the evidence.  I could post a lot of tables and graphs to show the steady fall both economic and geo-politically of America but since that would go on for a thousand pages I will just say "America is going down" and show you an article about what might be happening.  Of course the whole scenario is wrong if our leaders should take us into a nuclear war first.


Open the URL below and run your cursor over the bottom of the page and click “page fit.” Choose 50% and readable text will fill your screen.



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America is already on the downward slide and has been for some time. Most either pay no attention or they are fooled by the unsustainable propping up of the economy and the belief America has the military capability of taking on the world and winning.


Meanwhile America's debt is quickly approaching the point where she won't be able to pay any on the debt at all, only on the interest charges themselves. So much of what America relies upon not only for our daily living but also for our military must be purchased from foreign countries. The American education system is far below those of many other countries. The American illiteracy rate is a disgrace. We have generations of Americans incapable of reasoned thought. Our borders are open to floods of people intent upon draining our system and economy while also intent upon remaking America in their own image. Our leadership and Americans in general no longer care about or strive for those things that made America a strong nation. True, biblical Christianity is most unaccepted and the social and legal trend continues to move against such.


The America I was born into no longer exists. She has fallen greatly in just the time I've been alive. Her continued decline will be faster due to the deterioration already present.


While we are sending missionaries abroad, we need to be busy spreading the Gospel right here too.

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I fully understand the downward spiral of Christianity in America and as a patriotic American it is sad to witness the decline of America.


But, America is still more Christian than most countries in the world today. Living in a foreign land, and traveling to communist China on occsasion, has taught me to understand that America, in spite of our prOBlems, is still the best country on the face of the earth. And, is the last source of true soul winning efforts.  


The Christian is the salt of the earth. It is up to the Christians of America to live more holy and seperated lives in order to help cleanse the evil of our age and to expose the errors or liberalism, the errors of the new corrupted Bibles, and the spiritual, and moral filth, of the new worldly songs in independent Baptist churches.


By the grace of God we need to encourage each other to live holy and pure lives among the filth of our age.


In Christ,

Alan Young

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Much of what flows out of America as missionary efforts comes from the Pentecostals, Charismatics and the watered down, even some of the wayward churches. There are even efforts in some foreign countries by their own Christians to block some American missionary efforts because of their unbiblical teachings.


Today missionaries from various African countries, South Korea and other countries come to America to share the Gospel because of the deplorable state of most American churches and her culture.


What country is more or less Christian today is debatable if we are only considering born again Christians, and especially if we are considering their impact locally and culturally.


I love America, this is my home and the land of my family for centuries but she's a sinking ship and nothing short of a massive revival and great awakening stands any chance of correcting that.


While I continue to try, from years of experience trying to get Christians to actually pursue personal holiness, to live pure lives, to live by the Word, is more difficult than trying to herd cats. Most American Christians only want so much Christianity and that's it. They enjoy some things of the world they are not willing to give up. They excuse, sometimes even brag about, their pet sins. Call them to a potluck and they come running, call them to a prayer meeting and suddenly they are much too busy to attend.


I praise God for the remnant, there are still godly pastors in America. There are still sound churches. There are still believers who love the Lord. Thanks be to God, He always preserves a remnant so whatever the future holds for America, I trust my life and my family in His perfect care.

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