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17-Year-Old "transgender" Teen Commits Suicide

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I read this article, and I must say, my heart goes out to this boy.


Here's a kid, born Joshua, who "self-identified", (fantasized), as a girl, supposedly since he was four. 


Of course, society was on his side, as were friends, school, etc. But, he was raised in church, though not sure how much, or what kind, and his parents sought to turn him around, apparently having him see 'Christian" psychologists, (I don't agree with this idea).


So, with parents rejecting his fantasy, and the rest of society embracing it and rejecting reality, he chose to commit suicide by walking out in front of a semi. It was not known to be a suicide until the next day when a suicide note came up on his , what, Twitter, I think, or something, preset to open the next day.


This boy said he wanted his death to 'mean something', a strike at the heart of intolerance, I suppose, and for civil rights of LGBT's. Sadly, it was a meaningless death, a waste of a life with great potential, except for the poisoning of his mind by a wicked society.


No, I don't say anyone else made him walk out in front of that truck-he made the choice, and at 17, he was smart enough to know it was a bad idea. But this is the society he was born to, one that embraces "perception" over reality. At least, in certain cases. I suppose they wouldn't allow me to self-identify as female when I go to the gym showers, right? Or identify as black, color my skin, perm my hair, and insist I am a minority. I suspect I'd get a serious beating for that. But its a sin to today's society to insist your "perception" of reality on someone else's, even though reality is, well, reality. male is male, and no matter how many surgeries and hormone replacements, a man is still a man, even if you remove the stem, and add melons, (sorry). 


This kid was messed up, confused, and sadly, society embraced his faulty perception, and called it his own reality, and encouraged his rebellion against his parents, who were the only ones who loved him enough to tell him the truth. Do I blame society? To a point, yes, because to many today, there is no more truth, no more absolutes, no more reality, save for one's personal perception of such-its taught in school, trumpeted by the government and the TV and even 'science'.  What can a parent do anymore against such odds?


I pray for the family, left berift of their child, facing a society that is blaming them for being intolerant Christians, when really, if anyone else is to blame outside the boy, it is society. And it makes me sad and makes me sick, and now this boy is in hell.


I know he made the choice. I just sorrow over the senseless loss, and him being so deluded by teachers and the president and neighbors who told him it was all fine. Now he has to taste truth, a harsh, eternal reality. Pray for his family.

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It can be especially tough on parents today when a child goes a bad way but that bad way is considered by so many to be a valid "choice" and anyone who opposes such a "choice" to be some form of wrong or even evil.


This places troubled children in a worse position as their own parents are painted as bad while their bad choice is applauded and there are so many willing to back their bad choice.


Unfortunately there have been many cases this year of similar suicides; as well as cases of parents being sued over trying to raise their children right, or even ordered by a judge not to make their children attend church or counseling.


Over the past several years we encountered many trials raising our children and I can firmly say the system worked against our oldest son as he went astray and we tried to guide him aright. We had to battle regarding homeschooling, chores, activities and other things with a nosy, too often off his meds neighbor, the police and the State's "children services" people. Outside interference fed his rebelliousness and in his mind validated his poor choices. Thankfully he never harmed himself or another but things could have very easily went much worse. Even now, in part to societies embrace of evil and quickness to attack parents trying to parent, our oldest son is lost and believing that whatever pops into his head to do is okay and never mind most of what we tried to instill in him.

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Uke: I like your OBservations that nowadays perception is highly regarded as fact compared to reality. You can surgically alter your body and change your name but DNA still shows male or female. 


Poor reporting also. Everyone referred to HER. Seems all his friends are brainwashed by mainstream liberalism also. Reporting is sooo biased in these reports.

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Have you seen the news regarding Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts daughter who wants to identify as a boy and be called "John"? Mother and father are going along with this and in a couple of recent public appearances he (their daughter; which the media willingly refers to according to their "choice") was called John (not her female birth name) and was sporting a short hair style and dressed as a boy.


Hollywood, the media, mom and dad, the LGBT crowd and assorted liberals are all applauding this and promoting this wonderful "choice" the daughter (is she now their son???) has made and great openness, tolerance and love (is that really love???) the parents have in not only allowing her (er, um, the media say "him") to "follow her/his heart" and be who she/he wants to be.


Of course they've all left the door open for the she/he to change her/his mind in the future and decide to be a girl again. After all, that's just a choice, it's not like anyone is actually born male or female! :icon_rolleyes:  :( 

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I wonder how it would turn out if a white guy self identified as black? Not too good, I suspect.

I once knew a black guy, Zeno, who would stand against you if you told him his skin was black. He was either a good actor, or he actually believed he was caucasion. When racial wars broke out in school, he was always fighting the blacks.

Even if you handed him a mirror, or told him to look at the backs of his hands, he would insist he was white and saw caucasion skin. But, get him drunk or high, (these days were prior to my Salvation) and hand him a mirror... he would go ballistic, wanting an explanation as to why no one ever told him he was black.


P.S. Zeno was one of the best friends a person would want. Note that I said "one of the best." Jesus Christ, of course, is the best... hands down.

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