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Fellow Soul Winners,

We are missionaries to the Chinese on Taiwan. If there is any body that would like some free Chinese tracts please let me know.

Unless the cost gets to high, I will send up to a 100 tracts, free of charge,and I will pay the postage, to any one who will use them. If you do not know any Chinese all you have to do is visit any (real) Chinese restaurant.

These tracts are written in, "Traditional Chinese," for Chinese people in the States, Taiwan, Canada and most other locations. For those in Hong Kong and mainland, or communist, China I cannot at this time supply them for two reasons. One. I cannot mail them to China. Two. In those locations, and with some Chinese in other locations, they read, "Simplified Chinese."

I will also send an English translation of the tract.

Send me a message via Online Baptist PM.

May God bless every soul winner in these last days with fruit, wisdom, and courage.










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The offer of free Chinese tracts, and, or, English translations of the tracts, are still good.You may send me a PM if desired.

If you want to look at the tracts, or download a pdf copy of the tracts, here is the website address: http://taiwanvbc.com/gospeltracts.html

Also, all of the tracts, whether Chinese or English, are free of charge and there is no copyright.

If anybody wants to add the church website onto a your church website, or your personal website, as a link, than feel free to do so.

We are now in the States on furlough, so, as the postage is very minimal, we can send larger quantities. As we are travelling most every week, and there is no secretary, it may take awhile to send any tracts requested. As my wife reminds me, 'slow,' is my middle name.

God bless!




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Thanks once again for your generous offer Bro. Alan. I live pretty remote from any population base, but do get to a larger town once in a while. I also know of two restaurants that are real Chinese in those other towns. So many of them today are run by Koreans, but I have learned how to distinguish them.

If I have a need for a few tracts I will certainly let you know.

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