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What 's Happening In Our War In Ukraine ?

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Other news sources also reveal where the illegitimate Ukrainian forces got the cluster bombs and how that country calls the use of cluster bombs a terrorist use of a weapon of mass destruction when those they don't support use them.


Our leaders, as well as some of the leaders in other so-called democracies are typical hypocrites playing with the lives and futures of thousands of people for the sake of politics.


Notice it didn't take long after Republicans won enough seats in the last election to gain control of congress in January for many Republicans to come out calling for drastic sanctions against Russia, arming the illegitimate Ukrainian government, sending American forces in to train them, making a quick, forced path of Ukraine into NATO, and even of sending American combat troops into Ukraine to help take and secure eastern Ukraine right up to the Russian border...with even a couple Republicans having floated the notion of America invading Crimea, which would be a direct attack upon Russia.


Is a war with Russia what America needs right now? Weren't the Republicans elected to stop OBama's excesses (one of which is his interference in Ukraine which brought about what's going on there now) and to seal the southern border and bring about pro-economic growth policies to America?

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