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Nonhuman "rights" Soon To Be A Reality, I Betcha

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In a world that seems to have gone completely bonkers, here's proof there's more nuts to come...






Human rights may no longer be just for humans. A group called the Nonhuman Rights Project is currently involved in a legal battle to get a 26-year-old chimpanzee named Tommy recognized as a legal person deserving of certain legal rights, such as “bodily liberty and bodily integrity.” The group claims that Tommy “is being unlawfully imprisoned and therefore being deprived of his fundamental common law right to bodily liberty.”


This post could have fit in the evolution forum, but it's also current news.  This is one of the levels of stupidity to which people can sink when they turn their backs on God.

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Hmmm chimpanzees have a right to be free. Well, to some extent I would agree. That is, if that freedom means their being released back into the wild in the countries their species are native to.

But free to walk the streets of North America. Nope.

Wonder if NRP members advocate lions, tigers, cOBras, etc., running free in their neighborhood?

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True. If "Tommy" has the rights to be free, as it were, then maybe he doesn't want to go back to the jungles, maybe he wants to be free in Manhattan, or free to marry a supermodel and live in Rio, and attend the Sundance film festival each year. And of course, who will decide what Tommy's will IS?


This 'rights' thing is seriously getting out of hand. With the gay rights, and the children's rights, giving children who can barely wipe their own butts, rights to be treated and make decisions as an adult, this will nicely set up the paedophiles to demand to have sex and marry young children, after their 'partners' have been suitably molested and their wills broken, to agree. When I was a kid, I wanted to get a tattoo of the Incredible Hulk on my chest-I thought that was a great idea! Know why? because I was TEN YEARS OLD and I was stupid, like any ten year old is. They are no more capable of making good decisions than Tommy is of deciding where he wants to be. With rights must come responsibility, and the ability to take responsibility.

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No, I'm sure they won't advocate lions and tigers having rights yet, simply on the basis that they believe chimps are our relatives. 


I agree that they should be put back into the wild if possible, but I don't have a prOBlem with zoos if the animals are treated right. They are supposed to be under our dominion and zoos can give us lots of information about them. 


Totally agree no freedom to walk the streets!  Next will be the "right" to marry them...of course, there have been people around the world who've "married" an animal for one reason or another. 


Sin is sick. Unchecked sin is revolting.

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he has been in a cage for so many years and been fed he wouldn't know how to take care of himself and wouldn';t know what to do with his freedom...


Kinda like me!!

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Sometimes I feel a little caged in.......but then they feed me and I forget about it again.


Come to think of it, I wonder if anyone asked the chimp what his stance was in this whole situation?

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