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A Good Foundation

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This is an article I wrote several days ago...


If you are one who, however vaguely, happens to know a little about, and believe in, the Bible, then you know that God created the heavens and the earth and all of nature that fills that earth. After he created these, he then created a man. After God created a man, he made a wife for that man. And personally, the wife is my favorite of all his creations.

We know that God did not, of course, create man before he made nature, for man depends upon nature to live. Nature had to be there first. The light, the sun, water, the dry land, plants for food… you get the picture. Only after everything else was set and ready for man did he bring Adam on the scene. Once Adam was here, God created Eve, who was created to be a “help meet” for Adam. Another way of saying it is that Eve was created to be a help that was “fit for” or “a good match” for Adam. Why would God create a woman to help the man before He had even created the man? He wouldn’t, of course. He is a God of order, and all things were created in order.

Now, let’s just pause here for a minute. Let’s not just jump ahead in the story too soon. We should savor it for a moment. Imagine the simplicity of it.  The elegance. There were no children. There was no society, no church, no government and no laws. There was just a man, a women and their God. Of course, children were always in the plan from the beginning. They were not a result of the fall, for God told Adam and Eve to “be fruitful and multiply” long before Adam’s sin.

So after there was a husband and wife, there came children. However, do not loose sight of the fact that the husband and wife were the foundation that was already in place before the children ever came along and made it a family. I will interject here the warning that neither a husband nor a wife should ever get to the place where they are a parent to the children first and a spouse second, and even then only if there happens to be any time, energy or interest left over. You were a spouse first, married or not. You are a spouse during the child rearing years, and you will still be a spouse after the children are gone. If you sacrifice the happiness and stability of your marriage through simple neglect, all for the sake of focusing on and raising your children, you are taking a great big hammer to your family’s very foundation, and slowly busting it up into little pieces.

There was, over time, the rise of civilizations, governments and organized religion. But the family structure came from God long before any these, and all of these are built upon that foundation of the family. And again, any structure will only be as strong as the foundation upon which it is built.

So what is wrong with our country? Our society? Our churches? Our families? Our marriages?

Sadly, our foundation has become weak, and all that has been built upon that foundation has been crumbling and collapsing for years. The truth is, our government is only going to be as strong as our churches. (Was not this country of ours originally settled and founded by Christians fleeing religious persecution?) And our churches are only as strong as our family units. Our family units are only as strong as the marriage upon which they are built, and our marriage units are only as strong and good as the man leading that family. In God’s flawless, original design, a strong, Godly, loving husband is to be the head of the house upon which that marriage has been built.

Thank God for good, faithful women who try to carry on the fight without their husbands. If we didn’t have these blessed ladies then we would have nothing, for the Godly, active, faithful man who actually leads his wife, leads his family and leads his church has all but disappeared.

God built the entire social structure of humankind on one strong, hardworking man who walked daily with his God and led his family in a path of knowing and following the instructions and will of that God. Adam dropped the ball, and look what happened to his marriage, to his family and to his society. Nothing has changed.

Guys, are we dropping the ball at home? If so, is it not true that we really cannot blame the condition of this nation, this town, this church, this family or this marriage on President OBama, on Congress, on Hollywood, on our pastor or on anyone else?

Are we really being a strong foundation upon which others can build? If our foundation is not Christ and his truth, then their foundation is naught but shifting sand and empty illusion.

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I only bring this up first so I won't forget...what do you mean by "You were a spouse first, married or not." I'm wondering if this was perhaps misworded or you have a meaning to this I don't get.


As to the meat of the article, you raise some excellent and biblical points. I've seen some of these raised before, but typically by those off in several other areas so when they try to address the biblical manhood and family aspect they go astray because of all the other areas they are weak or off in; think of Promise Keepers as an example of this.


No doubt the condition of our churches, our communities, our homes, our society, our government, all stem from the choices men make; whether to accept and live according to their biblical role or not.


Many men today, even Christian men, say they don't want to go to church or they don't want to be involved in things within the church, because the church is so much run by women and feminized. How did these churches become like this? Lack of male leadership! Why do these churches remain like this? Lack of male leadership! More precisely, a lack of BIBLICAL male leadership!


That lack of biblical male leadership is also what is most to blame for the deterioration and destruction of families, communities, society, government and the nation as a whole.


Biblical manhood was once a prized character trait and most often respected even by non-Christians. Today biblical manhood is looked upon as anti-woman, bigoted, homophOBic, mean-spirited, intolerant, backward, even hateful.


In my own life I've been verbally assaulted (by Christians and non-christians) for taking the Bible too seriously, for thinking what the Bible says is for today when "everyone" knows most of that was only for back in Bible days, for being too strict with my children because I don't allow them do do what they want, to watch or listen to whatever they may want, to go everywhere, have just anyone as friends, skip church, etc.


I'm "judgmental or hateful or think I'm better than others" because I don't drink alcohol and won't attend events that are saturated in alcohol; I don't watch HBO or even have such in my home, I don't go to the movies, my family and I don't participate in sinful activities, etc.


Our church is viewed by many as being "too churchy" :icon_confused:  , having too much preaching, too much prayer, to much serious Sunday school...not enough entertainment, not enough "fun things" for the children/youth, not enough special events.


It can be a tough life to live, that of biblical manhood (and that of biblical womanhood, as well as that of being a biblical family) but that's what we are called to. Rather than saying if we lived for Him our lives would be filled with cheer and we'd be well thought of, Christ said we would suffer persecution and there would be cost to bear.


May we pursue our biblical roles with fervency and seek to help others do the same.

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I only bring this up first so I won't forget...what do you mean by "You were a spouse first, married or not." I'm wondering if this was perhaps misworded or you have a meaning to this I don't get.




There are so many couples in the church today who started out living in sin, co-habitating while unmarried. I believe that when a man sleeps with a woman, they are joined together in God's eyes (1 Cor 6:16) regardless of what someone in a black rOBe sitting behind a bench in court says. I was just referring OBliquely to this. Sorry for the confusion.

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    • By Bangoo james
      I am a 20 young christian electrical engineer (studying at a Polytechnic University + working in Electrical Power Systems) from Europe, and I want to ask you for some godly advice concerning marriage, more exactly arranged marriages.
      First of all, before I say something about this, I want to ask if God has picked a spouse for everyone. The idea for me is that there is no specific Bible verse or passage that speaks of God picking specific persons for us to marry. There are four examples, Adam, Isaac, Hosea and Joseph, concerning God arranging marriages but all of these were special circumstances and I don't see how can we build a doctrine on special interventios of God to stipulate that He arranges marriages. The Bible speaks of finding wife but it also says that a good spouse is a gift from God. Apostle Paul says if someone decides freely in his heart then to marry his duaghter and in the following verse he also says that if someone single decides the same then he also should get married. Moreover, God through the Holy Spirit advised us to choose not to marry, saying that he who marries does god but he who not does better because he is concerned with God's work and not with pleasing a spouse. He also wants to spare us from the hardship of marriage and life. He recommends us virginity and celibacy and seeking the Kingdom but also encourages us to marry due to immorality. I for one don't have this gift and I know for sure that I can't stand to be single in celibacy so I will get married. Moreover, Bible talks about Abraham taking a wife, Judah taking a wife etc. Proverbs 31 was written for helping young men find a good godly wife. I agree that God guides us through the Holy Spirit and gives us wisdom to seek and find a wife. The Bible says that we should inform God of our plans and intentions and He will bring things to pass. But it is one thing to say that God guides us and something else to say that He is picking spouses for everyone. It is certain for me that the story of soul mates is mythical and originates from movies, romantic novels and from Plato's philosophy. There are some logical problems I find with this issue. If God picks someone for everybody what happens if the person dies? Isn't the story of soul mates wrong? Because Bible encourages remarrying after the spouse's death. But what if one chooses the life of celibacy even if he is not gifted with this? What will happen than? What's the point of love then if God arranges everything? Who is to blame because so many young men and women are not yet married and is not sure that they will ever be? And moreover the Bible says that love is a choice and not a sentiment based on feelings. It involves feelings but basicaly is not this. It is strange because if we carefully put into action the biblical pattern for love and marriage roles described by Paul then we could get married with anyone and have the most happiest marriage from all times. And if we're honest, I think that in the end everybody chooses freely to marry with someone not because God said them to do so. There are examples of people that are saying that their marriaged was arranged by God and I don't know what to say than just affirm that there is no biblical support that God promised or sweared to us that He will arrange our marriages. Better is to say that God is guiding them through the Holy Spirit and helping in the process of finding someone to marry. In the end, if God arranges marriages shouldn't be them perfect? Why is that that these are not? I am saying all these to you because as I've said I am on the point of having an arranged marriage and I am very concerned to do God's will in my life. It was not our parents idea of arranged marriage, but ours: we at some point in life (each one individually) told our parents to look for a spouse for us and from this particular point things evolved until her parents found me and my parents found her. It is not a forced marriage neither from me nor from her. We have freely decided to marry each other and there is no pressure from our parents to act this way so we are not forced into marriage. I want to kindly ask for some godly advice concerning this idea that God has specific persons in His mind for us. It would be against God's will if we would have an arranged marriage? From what Scripture says I think not and more than that there is good biblical suport that God will bless our marriage giving the fact that we will be marrying in the Lord.  Thank you for your attention and I hope that we will be in touch very soon. I am looking forward for your answer. Yours sincerely, Stephen
    • By Andersonite
      Please pray for my family, brothers and sisters in Christ. I was an abusive, drug addict, drinking, adulterous husband in the past. My wife left me three years ago because of it.  She was also adulterous. I have since been saved, am completely regenerate in Christ, but my wife is not.  We have since started dating for 2 months, still living separate. She is now pregnant, praise God, but I am afraid she might be considering an abortion. Please pray for us. I don't think you need our names, God knows who we are and He will know that you are praying for our situation.
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      I have been feeling this pull lately to change my life to be more appropriate for a follower of the Lord and have been browsing the bible. One verse I came along is 1 Timothy 2:9. "In like manner also, that the woman adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing." I have very long hair and find that braiding my hair is convenient and helpful in doing daily activities and work. Is this wrong? or is it more on fancy braids that are meant to be showy? I don't wear gold, pearls, jewelry, or costly clothing. I'm not braiding my hair to be pretty, just being practical. Another thing that has been bothering me is my personal relationship. My boyfriend and I have been together for 4.5 years, have two children and live together in every way possible. We are married in everyway but having the government legalize it. Is this a problem? We live together, share our money, share responsibility of the kids, we both work but me only part time so I stay home with the kids most of the time. He provides for us almost completely; he could if I didn't work. I choose to work to make it a little easier on him and give me a little time away from the family. I only work 3 days a week and that is when the kids go to see grandma. So what do you think about a simply braid and my relationship 
    • By Jordan Kurecki
      I have some questions requests for you.
      1. How did God bring you and your spouse together?
      2. Did you have any doubts about whether or not it was God's will for you to marry your spouse?
      3. What advice can you give to a young man like myself who is seeking to find the right spouse?
      4. add anything else you feel relevant.
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