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weary warrior

A Final Witness

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This last Sunday morning I got out of bed, stumbled into the kitchen for a cup of coffee and then went and sat down in the living room where my wife was.  She looked over at me with sorrow in her eyes, and said "Good, you're sitting down". She had just read an email that informed us that a good friend of ours, a young husband and father of 5 small children, had been killed in a car wreck on Saturday. This young man and his family had members of the church I was the pastor of in Tennessee. He was very godly, evangelistic in the extreme, and had a hunger for studying the Word of God that almost bordered on on addiction.


I threw a change of clothes in the Suburban after services and took off on the 1500 mile round trip for the funeral. The family had to borrow the large auditorium from the SBC First Baptist Church down town because there wasn't room for everybody, and the place was still packed, with several of us standing out in the foyer.


Another close friend of mine, who is both an IFB pastor and the county deputy sheriff, was the first person on the scene of the accident. Vlad had been on his way home from preaching in the local prison, when he lost control of his truck. The officer said when he rolled up on the scene, scripture was playing in the CD player and gospel tracts were scattered all over the interior of the cab of the rolled truck. Vlad was already in heaven, he had stepped instantly into the presence of the One he was at that very instance serving, loving and listening too.


He wasn't a "pastor" or a "preacher" as many would recognize the terms. He himself would prOBably have vehemently denied such a label. He was just a young man who loved his God, loved his family, loved sinners and died being faithful to all three. I pray for such a testimony, and look forward to the day when I can rejoice to see the rewards this "unknown" from the hills of Tennessee are going to get compared to so many suites who stand behind a pulpit every week. Including me.

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Always such mixed emotions when these things happen. Great sorrow for the wife and children even while rejoicing in knowing he is with our Lord.


Indeed, what a blessing to live in such a way that whenever our time here is up, we leave behind a clear testimony in word and deed of a life lived for Christ.

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I too am sad for those loved ones left behind, including me since I will never get to know (this side of heaven) such a wonderful Saint, but at the same time, he is better than he has ever been.  


I will keep in prayer all those loved ones left behind.  


Bro. Garry

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