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As I await for word on the CS tech jOB I have taken on a roof coating jOB at a Friend of mines house.  Seven Gables it was built by Thomas Jefferson's son in law.  It is an old amish built home no nails only joints and wooden pins.  Originally it has a wood shingled roof, sometime in the early or mid 1900's a steel roof was put on.  


since that day the roof has always leaked.  I knew one of the owners when I went to Bible college and had helped on some of its interior restoration.  But the roof leaks no matter how hard they tried never stop for more than three years at a time.


that is because the way it was built the house breathes, expanding and contracting daily.  but once they put the fixed metal roof any tar or hard coating put on it would crack and break off and the leaks would start again.


So I am helping the current owner put on a rubberized coating with a mesh membrane, afterward we wil color coat it to meet the regulations of the Historical dist.  However no one want to work and I am having hard time finding laborers to help me.  I assembled three tears at three high of scaffolding by myself yesterday, and today I will begin to get out one the roof.  I have never done a roof coating like this on a steep pitch.  We are hoping this will solve the prOBlem.


Please for the next couple of weeks pray for my safety and wisdom. 

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

truly all your prayers were felt as I  ended up working mostly by myself again.


I was able to pick up one young man but he lasted about 1 and a half hours then he said he had to go.  I don't expect him back so I paid him for his time.


I ended up getting a manual hoist and pulled it up on the top of the scaffolding then l tied it down.  Once I got the pulley on I hoisted 3 bucket of the rubber coating, 60lbs each up three levels of scaffolding.  tomorrow I will do some flashing in the back, rubber coat a flat area to test how well it will stick.  the pitch is like as steep a this ^.


It is too bad that sometime in the 30"s it had additions added to it.  It now is a single family home but nothing like it was.  these types of old house should be preserved the Amish architecture needed to be followed and it would be a whole lot nicer.


Also I was contacted by the DHS-TSA to come take a test on Friday morning.  It is for a TSA position at the local airport here.


Pray for that as well



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