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Is It So Far Away After All?

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I had to ask myself after  watching this documentary video if there was any truth in it or if it was just Russian propoganda.  I came to the conclusion that it does not really matter which because it shows the human condition in this world in which we live.  Today we may sit comfortably in our living rooms watching the news on T.V and see and hear of trouble here or there in other far away places.  A war in Israel, in Syria, in Iraq, in ukraine . . . . all so far away and not really felt by us.  


But I think sometimes we tend to forget that those people . .  . . those people in those far away places are, except for their nationality, language, or religion, are not really in the last analysis, that terribly different from us.  They love, they hate, they win, they lose, they live, they die.  


I can't help but think that, although it has never happened in my lifetime, that some day we will be visited with all the things shown in this video.  I see the faces and hear the people speak, and though I don't understand their language, I do understand their feelings . . . . their emotions.  I could empathize with the final scene of the video. It gave me the feeling that I can and will do what I must to preserve the land and the people that I love . . . . but in the end it is not in my hands . . . . but God's.


It is long and in a foreign tongue.



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If we don't view things from a purely "us versus them" point of view, or a "we are so superior while they are lesser" view, but rather try to picture ourselves in their position, we can often come forth with a much more clear view of things. That's one trait that great military leaders and political leaders have most often had, and it served them well.


In Russia today, for example, President Putin is the patriotic and conservative Russians Ronald Reagan. Just as President Reagan took the helm at a time when America was in a doldrums and restored American pride and assertiveness, so has President Putin for Russia.


OBama may denounce Assad and call for him to step down in Syria and allow the rebels to take control of the country, but if there were a similar uprising in America he would be doing the same thing Assad is doing; fighting with all he's got to maintain power.


Even looking at the radical Islamists it's possible that if any one of us had been raised from earliest childhood to hate all non-Muslims, to believe the craziest teachings of Islam and be submerged in that teaching, we would find ourselves acting like wild, evil minded sinners out for blood; all the while believing the god of Islam is for us and will reward us after death.


How much longer before America implodes into a mess of racial, religious and ethnic strife that won't be appeased but finally escalates into war? What will be our reaction in such times? What measures might our children or grandchildren feel compelled to take?


While many years ago such things would cause me concern, and if I were not in Christ I could see myself as some sort of doomsday prepper, these days I'm confident in Christ and content to trust the Lord with my future.

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