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A Great Job Offered To Me

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

I have had two JOB interviews over the last several weeks.


But one of them is not only one I want but had basically been praying for.


It is for a Large medical company in their central service at the cities largest Hospital.


Good wage, room for advancement.


It was decided finally that we would stay and give up our rights to our mission work overseas for the time being while our son James gets treatment and help for what now seem to be some form of Intellectual disability.


it could be the result of the chemicals we used, or from a bump on the head or another type of birth defect.  At this point we don't really know.


it will take a couple of years to get him up and going and to find out what is wrong with James.


Please pray for this jOB as a CS Tech I for me.

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

Some of you knew I have had back prOBlems and after the last slip four weeks ago I had thought I was never going to be better.


For three weeks straight I was in very severe pain.  My sciatic nerve was being pinched and I could not sleep, sit or walk for three weeks.  I was miserable in every way.


Anyway, my doctor would not see me again because he had referred me to UVA for arthritis on my Lumbar.  Out of frustration I went to the emergency room one week ago.  The doc comes in she looked at my xrays, pushed all over and then came to the conclusion that I had a very bad pulled muscle up in my hip behind my groin that was pushing on the nerve.


She gave me the correct medications and in 24 hours I was about ready to dance.  A week later and you couldn't tell I ever had any pain.


I prayed about it to go or not and it was well worth going.  This is the kind of care we are going to get under OBama care, doctors who can't diagnose a sprained muscle.


to God be the glory

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  • Independent Fundamental Baptist

currently I am also in the process of a part time TSA position.


I will complete my application and see if I can work there on my off ours or days.


If not I can just turn it down for the time being.

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