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The “Tree Of Contemplative Practices” – Is Your Church Practicing Some Of These?

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By L Putnam Flee From the Tree of Contemplative Practices: Run From its Toxic Fruits! The attractive Tree of Contemplative Practices is laden with enticing fruits for contemplative meditators to partake of. But, beware! For this is not a tree with fruits one should be snared into sampling, but rather this is a tree that […]

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It's a shame so many professing Christians can't be content with what God has so graciously provided for us in Scripture. Worse yet are those in leadership positions (such as pastors) who should know better, should be warning against this stuff, who nevertheless embrace this dangerous snake while compelling others to join them.


The Bible is sufficient. We don't need man-made gimmicks, devil inspired means or world pleasing tricks.

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Amen, the Bible and I'll add taking the Gospel of Christ to a deceived world are the only things we need to do.

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As a kid, I loved to climb trees. I remember once, while on a school outing, we were in a nature area in San Diego, and there was a great big tree with thick, low branches that just cried out to be climbed on. So, I jumped up and grabbed a low branch, to hoist myself up in my typical, monkey-like manner, when all of a sudden, the branch broke off at the trunk and landed on my head. Fortunately, I wasn't hurt because the branch, though seeming thick and strong and solid, was rotten from the core and all it took was my small light-weight frame to break it off.


So with such things as this contemplative tree, the branches may look inviting, but beware! They are rotten and will break and whack you in the noggin if you try to use them!


You all saw where I was going there, didn't you? True story, though.

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